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Scrubbaloe Caine - Round One (1973) (Guess Who/Loverboy/Prism) 

Artist: Scrubbaloe Caine
Album: Round One
Label: RCA Records
Catalog#: APLI-0263
Release: 1973
Country: Canada
Genre: Blues, Rock
Duration: 00:38:22

Scrubbaloe Caine was formed when Al Foreman, Jim Harmata, and Bob Kidd drove to Calgary from Vancouver to hook up with Paul Dean and Henry Small. The five auditioned numerous drummers before settling on Bill McBeth, who had worked with Dean in the band Canada.
The six members worked under the name of Cannonball in the formative stages, playing venues in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Quebec City. It was while the band was in Winnipeg that Don Hunter, the Guess Who's manager, became interested in the group. Hunter sent out Kale (who had been released from the Guess Who) to Quebec to check on the band's progress. At the time, the band had been playing steadily at the Electric Circle in Quebec City. Kale was impressed, and gave Hunter a good report. Some time later, Bob Kidd's bass playing was not strong enough, and he was let go. The band soon asked Kale to join the band.
They band released singles from their debut album in 1973 and 1974 but to little success. Plans for release of a second album, tentatively titled 'Street Level', never materialized. The band split up in debt and far from home - Toronto - in 1976.

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  Side One:
A1. Edmonton Rain 03:01
A2. Do I Love You (Does a Guitar Play The Blues) 03:46
A3. Rosalie 03:24
A4. Gonna Keep An Eye On You 03:27
A5. Daybreak 05:25
 • Side Two:
B1. Trouble 05:02
B2. Feelin' Good On Sunday 03:00
B3. Travelin' 03:44
B4. Crazy 'Bout A Blues Guitar 07:02   
 Non-LP Bonus Track:
- I’m A Dreamer (A. Foreman/H. Small) 03:06
   (RCA 45 PB-10041, 1974)

    Recorded in RCA's Music Center of the World, Hollywood. California
    Art Director: Acy Lehman; Photography: Nick Sangiamo
    Kazoo solo on Rosalie by Bernie.
    This album is dedicated to Tubby.
    Special thanks to all our friends at RCA and to Dee Lux and Donna June
    All songs published by Two Toke Tunes, Ltd. (BMI), except
    Trouble published by Elvis Presley Music (BMI).

Jim Harmata - Lead Guitar
Henry Small - Electric Violin, Lead Vocals
Al Foreman - Keyboards, Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Paul Dean - Lead & Slide Guitars
Jim Kale - Bass, Vocals
Bill McBeth - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Bob Kidd - Bass

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