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Ben Bogaardt - S/T 1970 (Private Pressing)
Ben Bogaardt - S/T  1970 (Private Pressing, Canada)

Performer: Ben Bogaardt (Canada)
Album: SelfTitled
© 1970 CAN-AUSSIE Distributors Inc.
Kamloops, B.C.
Catalog#: VP002
Produced in Canada
Genre: Pop-Rock, Folk Psych
Format: FLAC (img,+.cue)
BiTrate: lossless
Cover: PNG/300dpi - Full Scan
Duration: 00:30:37

Редкое издание, вышедшее ограниченным тиражом на Канадском лейбле. Бен родился в Индонезии - его мать голландка, отец индонезиец. Бен переехал в Голландию из Индонезии, а оттуда эмигрировал в Канаду в 1958 году. К сожалению Бен скончался в 2010 году.

This LP was only released in very limited quantities on the west coast of Canada.
A dreamy blue country pop harmony sound echos through this LP. Ben is a serious signer songwriter. So serious, and talented he has a vocal range people envy. He has the assuredness in his tone and output that is online of Scott Walker I hear it all over this LP. The songs he writes, are the standouts to point out. When these guys harmonize, it's simply amazing and the laid back production of the instrumentation is a gem.
When the organ player throws in the fingers for a solo, it's straight out the Band-meets-Dylan Hudson/Kooper playing. They sing about Loss, Love, Girls, Environmental issues, traditional folk songs are incorporated. A song they made for a movie is included and is a standout track "River you must flow" They produce a song called "U.F.O." and is stunning in it's imagination running and, yep is about life from beyond our planet. My favorite track, is the first song on side 1. "Adalee" goes on and on in a syrupy echoey harmonizing loop that transfixes on very Sad Love story. The guitar playing is excellent all through, playing many styles with acid overtones on some tracks, and dobro / slide then rockabilly . Definitly I feel this to be a better than average "private"pressing A great LP all around. It was issued on the West Coast Canada in 1970. I found my copy in excellent shape. It's one of my current favorites. This is really a private press collector dream album ! It's not overly pricey yet (from what I've seen one sell for haha) and has something for serious music lovers, who may just love Scott Walker.
                                                                                                       • Many thanks of freQaZoidiacl!.

                      ♪ Tracklist:

                     01. Adalee  (4:30)
                     02. City Of New Orleans  (3:45)
                     03. Bengawen Solo  (2:40)
                     04. UFO  (2:45)
                     05. Soon  (2:44)
                     06. River You Must Flow  (2:32)
                     07. Ketjil Ketjil  (2:43)
                     08. One More Load  (2:00)
                     09. Unchained Melody  (3:46)
                     10. So Much Yet So Little  (2:34)

Rick Bogaardt - Bass Guitar Bill Bogaardt - Vocal Archie Bogaardt - Drums
Cal Poole - Lead Guitar Tom Paprosky - Organ
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  1. Как хорош этот Бен! Причём, как мне кажется ни на кого не похож. "City Of New Orleans", на мой взгляд, подлинный шедевр. Буду слушать и наслаждаться.