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Ted Turner - Eclektic Value (2010) 

Artist: Ted Turner
Album: Eclektic Value
Label: Turneround Records
Catalog#: 001-TT
Released: 2010
Country: UK
Genre: Crossover Prog, Prog Rock
Total time: 01:00:47

UK composer and instrumentalist David Alan Ted TURNER was born in 1950, and hooked up with his first band KING BISCUIT in the second half of the 60's. He quit this band in 1969 to join Wishbone Ash, and would be a part of this group until he left in 1974. In the early 80's brief tenures with the bands CHOICE and BADFINGER would follow. Turner reunited with Wishbone Ash in 1987, but left the band again in 1994. A new chapter in Ted Turner's musical history was written when he issued his first solo album Eclektic Value in 2010, a creation some 35 years in the making.

Once again Ted Turner has shown his immense talent and broadened his span of musical creativity. Eclektic Value is a dynamic and diverse compilation of music that crosses numerous cultures and influences. Certainly Ted should be recognized as one of the Modern Masters, and not just for his incredible talent as a Guitar Player of the first order. He has it all: talent, passion, and ability to compose and perform at the highest level! Here are my impressions of his latest CD – Eclektic Value. Composed, Engineered, and Performed by a Modern Master of music. - Dave W (USA) 
 Eclektic Value by Ted Turner: Turneround Records 001-TT Driving back to Devon after meeting up with the Wishbone's at the MTWA garden party, I put Ted's CD on and sat back and cruised to the appropriately titled Eclektic Value album. The album delivers a cymetrical balance of songs and tunes which flow together really well. New Beginnings is a linear instrumental that creates a pleasant montage of guitar sounds and efx. I also like the feel of track 3, Slippin' & Slidin' with incidental harmonica , banjo, birds, baby laughs and other sounds slippin' in and out of the track . There are some really inventive guitar parts and sounds like the long scale guitar tuned down on Navasat which really hits you in the balls. This track sits firmly in the WA style of chord sequence and guitar melody. Overall a great listen and can recommend first hand for that late night drive home. - Mark Emery (Hobbit)

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01. New Beginnings (03:35)
02. Time Will Call (04:19)
03. Slippin' and Slidin' (04:53)
04. Vital Asset (04:28)
05. Navasat (03:31)
06. Between You and Me (05:48)
07. These Pillows (04:29)
08. State of Mind (06:37)
09. Coffee Being (05:41)
10. Look Into Me (05:25)
11. Arab Valentine (04:51)
12. This Girl (07:10)

    All Instruments and Vocals by Ted Turner

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