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The Ghost Riders - ST (1981 Anthem Records) US 

Artist: The Ghost Riders
The Ghost Riders
Label: Anthem Records
Catalog#: AR-LP 333
Released: 1981
Country: USA
Genre: Rock
Duration: 00:55:51

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  Side One:
A1. Look to the Skies (D. Stickler, J. Gossett) - 02:26
A2. Roll Away the Stone (D. Stickler, J. Gossett) - 04:36
A3. Moroccan Nights (D. Stickler) - 05:30
A4. Enchant (D. Stickler) - 03:10
A5. Shine on Together (D. Stickler) - 02:24
  Side Two:
B1. Sea Rider (V. Trigger) - 04:22
B2. Journey to Ixtlan (D. Stickler) - 04:05
B3. Midnight Rider (D. Stickler) - 03:25
B4. Dream 13 (D. Stickler) - 04:55
(Help Me Make It Through The Night)
   Bonus Track:
01. Shady Sam (Live) - 04:08
02. Midnight Rider (Live) - 08:36
03. Johnny Be Goode (Live) - 08:18

    This Album is Dedicated to Gary Stone
    Produced by Barry Melton
    Recorder at Rolling Thunder Ranch, Novato, CA.
    Engineered by Brett Cohen
    Mixed at Wally Heider Studio 4, Hollywood, CA/
    Mastered at Kendun Recorders by John Golden
    Cover Art by Jerry Otwell - Rutledge
    Back Cover Design by Jeff Gossett
     Album Design by Jeff Gossett 

Dan Stickler, Gary and Randy Gossett,
Tom Albright, Vic Trigger, Jenny James
Thanks to Ghost Riders Barbie Bruster and Gary Johns.

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