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Charley D. And Milo - Charley D. And Milo (1970) 

Artist: Charley D. And Milo
Album: Charley D. And Milo
Label: Epic Records
Catalog#: BN 26533
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1970
Genre: Folk Rock, Country Rock
Duration: 00:37:16

Charles Dennis Harris and Lon Milo OuQuette first came together as a song-writing team. They both have previously worked in the Midwest as singles and with various groups. Having met, they worked as a duo for o short period of time In the Orange County area of California, and then their musical family began to grow. Joining the group svere Joe Wilson on guitar, Dave Dunn on bass and violin, and Dave Ledbetter on drums.
Mark Cohen of Epic Records In Los Angeles was impressed with their originality, both as writers and performers, and signed them toa recording contract. This album displays their viability in mood and meter. Along with their own compositions, they pay tribute to the late Richard Farina with Pock Up Your Soffwvs and to Master Dylan with his seldom-heard I'll Keep It With Mine.
A lot of people already think they're great... I think a lot more will. - Bill Mann

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  Side One:
A1. Theme From Mount Oread 03:10
A2. Annie Moon 03:04
A3. Ann 03:21
A4. The Word Is Love 02:49
A5. I'll Keep It With Mine 05:13
  Side Two:
B1. Pack Up Your Sorrows 02:45
B2. Inner Man 04:27
B3. Mr. Muggles 02:28
B4. Take Me Home 02:26
B5. Om Sweet Om 07:29

Bass, Violin – Dave Dunn
Drums, Percussion –
Dave Ledbetter
Guitar –
Joe Wilson
Guitar, Vocals –
Charley D. Harris, Lon Milo DuQuette
Piano, Harpsichord –
Larry Knechtel
Steel Guitar –
Red Rhode

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