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Uve Schikora Und Seine Gruppe - Das Gewitter (1972) 

Artist: Uve Schikora Und Seine Gruppe
Album: Das Gewitter
Label: AMIGA Records
Catalog#: 8 55 290
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: German Democratic Republic (GDR)
Released: 1972
Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Psichadelic
Format: FLAC (img+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:39:12

Uve Schikora and his group was the early 1970s, known both as a progressive rock band as well as the backing band crooner married couple Frank Schobel and Chris Doerk that occurred at that time when Chris and Frank.In 1970 East German rock music has been promoted by the state. Initially, it was the broadcast of the GDR, who invited the band to sample recordings, with the album The storm was also involved the state record label for rock music. About the same time began with the Hi-records a series of compilations with rock music of local artists as well as artists from the eastern neighboring countries.The storm was the only album of Uve Schikora and his group. In other Amiga albums they are heard as backing band.In 1994 The storm in gray zone as a CD.

The album is characterized by a strong contrast to its music styles. The pieces range from pop to progressive rock. All compositions are by Uve Schikora . The texts written three of the most famous songwriter of the GDR. The old song is a happy hit , comes the text of Inge Burg Branoner. It is important that Schikora sings in alternation with Frank Schobel .
Oh Angela describes the fate of the U.S. civil rights activist Angela Davis, who was then made in the USA of the process. Angela Davis is depicted as young, beautiful heroine with millions of followers , while the court is called " Schandgericht ". The text is by Jens Gerlach . The rocking piece is sung expressively , organ and electric guitar dominate the instrumental accompaniment.
Such a long summer is over seven minutes long , the third longest song on the album. The singer describes a wonderful summer that he spent with a woman " on a cloud ". However, the singer was overcome boredom , and he " jumps off ". In Chanting he announces that he has endured it only half a day. Kurt Demmler wrote the lyrics of the song. The music is partly psychedelic and remembers his long solos to the West German Krautrock same era.
Somewhere, sometime, is a melancholy hit , partly in the beat rhythm. The singer goes haphazardly in a city round about, it 's raining, and feels a void. The text comes in turn from Jens Gerlach. The verse is sung in a minor key , the chorus in the major. Frank Schobel sings in the background.
The B- side of the LP contains only two pieces , both with lyrics by Kurt Demmler. The expressively sung your eyes is about a man who describes a woman's eyes . He compares them with almonds, but do not know if they are bitter or sweet. The prelude sounds oriental , the song also contains psychedelic elements.
The title song The storm is over twelve minutes, the longest track of the album. He describes the stages of a thunderstorm, in the open air . Here, there are numerous elements of progressive rock to the fore: a hook, which is presented at the beginning and which is played at various points in the play, and numerous instrumental solos that lead away far from the hook , including a one and a half minute long drum solo and a swing number on the basis of Invention No. 4 in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach ( BWV 775). The compositional treatment of the subject with the principles of program music. The song is also expressive.
The cover shows the lettering of the album in large, three-dimensional letters before a thunderstorm symbolic representation in colors like orange, purple, yellow, blue and green. Below is the band's name in block letters . The back features a black and white photo of the band , the title list and a longer accompanying text.

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  Side 1:
A1. Das Alte Lied 03:45
A2. Oh, Angela 04:48
A3. So Ein Langer Sommer 07:08
A4. Irgendwo Und irgendwann 03:02
  Side 2:
B1. Deine Augen 07:30
B2. Das Gewitter 12:14

     Musikregie Producer by Karl Heinz Ocasek
     Tonregie Engineer – Siegbert Schneider
     Photography By – Siegfried Kootz
     Cover Design – Klaus Vonderwerth
     Liner Notes – H. P. Hofmann

Bass – Jurgen Diessner
Vocals, Twelve-String Guitar - Michael Schubert
Vocals, Saxophone, Piano, Organ - Uve Schikora
Drums – Reiner Mihatsch
Guitar – Jurgen Matkowitz
Organ – Bernd Muller

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