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Chuck Girard - Written On The Wind (1977) 

Artist: Chuck Girard
Album: Written On The Wind
Label: Good News Records
Catalog#: MYR 1065
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: UK
Released: 1977
Genre: Pop, Folk, World, & Country
Duration: 00:37:56

Chuck Girard, singer, songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader, is one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music, member and co-founder of the CCM group LOVE SONG. Born in Los Angeles, and raised in both Southern and Northern California, Chuck began playing music at an early age. In his teens, he formed the group the CASTELLS, which had two national top 20 hits, “Sacred”, and “So This Is Love”. They also released a song called “I Do”, which was produced by Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. It was during this time as a teenager that Chuck shared the stage with stars such as Roy Orbison, Jan and Dean, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bobby Vee, Jackie Wilson, Brenda Lee and others. This led to a successful career as a studio singer and musician which included singing the lead vocals on the HONDELLS first two albums and their biggest hit, “Little Honda”. - chuckgirard.com

"WRITTEN ON THE WIND" was a planned departure from my previous work, which consisted of more subjective, evangelistically oriented songs. These earlier songs were what I call "Christian propaganda", no slam intended, but songs which had a direct evangelistic message, which reflected the details of my personal experiences in the Lord. With "Written On The Wind", I wanted to create an album which reflected my message in a more artistic way. I had been writing some songs which had taken a look at some important events in the Bible, and reflected on them from an outside perspective: the agony and ecstasy it must have been to be the mother of Jesus, the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Lord, the future as reported in the book of Revelations. I also had written a song about a loser type guy, and a song about the harvest of souls, and all of these songs seemed to mesh together to create a quite different album for me. So different in fact, that when the album was first released, sales were dramatically slow, and I thought that I had my first "bomb" on my hands. But as time went on, I guess the buzz was good, as sales picked up, and eventually the album sold as well as my others.
The production on this album was also a bit different, as I leaned more toward some more "epic" sounding arrangements, which I felt celebrated the grandeur of a few of the songs. Another reason I feel that people liked this album so much is that I played my own piano. I am not the greatest player on earth, but I have a feel for my own songs that is unique. For that reason, I feel that this album is the most "me" of any of my previous work. - Chuck Girard
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  Side One:
A1. Spirit Wind 03:37
A2. Mary's Song 03:51
A3. Thank You Lord 03:26
A4. Plain Ol' Joe 04:50
A5. Harvest Time 03:40
  Side Two:
B1. Fool For Jesus 02:40
B2. Hear The Angels Sing 03:26
B3. Peace In The Valley 04:26
B4. The Warrior 06:45

     Distributed By Myrrh – MYR 1065
     Phonographic Copyright (p) Good News Records
     Copyright (c) Good News Records

Dan Ferguson, Jon Linn - Acoustic Guitar
Kit Alderson - Autoharp
Jay Truax, Larry Myers, Terry Clark - Backing Vocals
Mark Levine - Bass
Jim Keltner - Drums
Jon Linn - Electric Guitar
Chuck Girard - Keyboards, Piano, Electric Piano, Vocals
Herb Jimmerson - Keyboards

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    1. Ну вот, другое дело.))) А то все Графер, да Графер.)
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