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Henrik Strube - Bla Himmel Over Byen (1997 Oskar Records) 

Artist: Henrik Strube
Album: Bla Himmel Over Byen
Label: Oskar Records
Catalog#: OSCD 1007
Published: 1 Oct. 1997
Country: Denmark
Genre: Country, Rock, Soft Rock
Duration: 00:37:32

Henrik Strube has become a mature man, no longer rock idol , but an intense musician with an audience , as he the last seven years has appeared on the small venues around the country.
The CD is called " Blue sky over the city ." Twelve songs in all, some new recordings of old songs , other first recordings , mostly his own material , but some of the titles are written and composed by others.
The album , produced by Henrik Strube , Soren Jacobsen and Flemming Ostermann has not been to overnight : In October 1995, because the tapes recorded at Masterlink Studio in Nashville , Tennessee, under the expert guidance of his colleague Flemming Ostermann . It happened with a number of American musicians , Pig Robbins (piano , Hammond organ and keyboards ) , Kenny Malone (drums ) and Charlie McCoy (bass, harmonica ) and guitarist Paul Banks, who has worked with Henrik Strube in a few years. Among the Danish musicians heard Thor Backhausen on hammond organ and organ, Soren Jacobsen on keyboard, guitar and various other instruments , Flemming Ostermann , bass and chorus, and Lis Damm , choir.
The album BLUE SKY OVER THE CITY contain Henrik Strube own songs and his committee and translations of bl.andre Mikael Wiehe , Bjorn Afzelius and Ulf Lundell . He put music to a poem by Emil Aarestrup ( To a friend ) and Ditlevsen ( you I will meet ) and a single text written by Henrik Strube twenty year old daughter. Moreover, there are songs by Evert Taube (As long as things around can go) and Troels Trier ( Obsessed with You).

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01. Dig Vil Jeg Mode 02:50
02. Her Hos Dig 03:59
03. Om Natten 02:24
04. Lovlos 04:14
05. Besat af Dig 03:16
06. Nu Kan Jeg Ga Ud og Mode Verden 03:53
07. Lanterner 02:44
08. Christina 03:53
09. Sadan Vil Jeg V?re 03:10
10. Far, Far, Lillemand 01:31
11. Sa L?nge Skuden Kan Ga 03:05
12. Til En Veninde 02:29

Henrik Strube - Vocals, Guitar
Pig Robbins - Piano , Hammond Organ, Keyboards
Kenny Malone - Drums
Charlie McCoy - Bass, Harmonica
Paul Banks - Guitar

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