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The Extras - Bit Parts (1981 Ready) 

Artist: The Extras
Album: Bit Parts
Label: Ready Records
Catalog#: LR-010
Format: Vinyl LP Album
Released: 1981
Country: Canada
Genre: Rock, Funk, Pop Rock
Duration: 00:31:34

In 1980, singer and keyboardist Denis Keldie joined forces with singer Leon Stevenson and drummer and percussionist Paul Armstrong. Together they became known as the Extras. Other members stepped in later, including bassist Paul Daiter and guitarist Pat Rush. The Canadian group completed a few singles, an EP, and three albums before fading away around the middle of the '80s.
Members of the Extras came to this new group with plenty of experience to share. Each had spent time as part of other bands, like the Instaband and the Sneakers. As the Extras, the members signed with Ready Records. In 1981 the group released its debut single, a two-sided offering that held the popular pop/rock tunes "Every Time I See Your Face" and "Circular Impression." A debut album followed that same year, Bit Parts. The Road to Zambando hit the market the next year. In 1983 the Extras finished an EP, the Watchers, and a year later a third and final album, Extrapolis, appeared. By then Armstrong had left, and Daiter and Rush had stepped in.
That third album showed promise, doing better on the charts than the earlier works. Fans seemed to enjoy the tunes and the music videos that went with them, but in short order the group's record label hit a downward spiral, and the Extras followed the lead with the members calling it quits. - Charlotte Dillon

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  Side One:
A1. Jealous Girl 3:28
A2. Stay Up All Night 2:48
A3. Cult Kids 3:02
A4. One Last Time 3:43
A5. Circular Impression 2:09
  Side Two:
B1. No Generation 2:30
B2. Every Time I See Your Face 2:28
B3. Man in a Boy's Body 2:57
B4. Aqua Velva Man 2:44
B5. Teddy 5:46

Tom Griffiths - Bass
Denis Keldie - Vocals, Keyboards
Paul Armstrong - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Leon Stevenson - Lead Vocals, Syncussion
Pat Rush - Guitar

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