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Lorna Wright - Circle Of Love (1978) 

Artist: Lorna Wright
Album: Circle Of Love
Label: The Rocket Record Company
Catalog#: BXL1-2902
Format: Vinyl, LP
Producer: Jay Lewis
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Pop Rock, Funk / Soul
Duration: 00:37:54
All thanks Pete

Sister of everyone's favourite dream weaver Gary Wright; Lorna appeared as back-up singer on the majority of her brother's solo albums and tours and in 1978 released 'Circle Of Love' on Sir Elton John's Rocket Records. While it might appear Lorna attached her career to her more popular sibling's cosmic coattails, she made her own way early on having an association with Island Records as Lorna Doone although at what capacity - vocalist or behind the scenes is unclear. What is certain her only solo album jam packed with triple-scale players was largely ignored by both the label and the public but continues to earn a reputation amongst those in the know as a soft rock classic.
There are some beautiful performances here including the title track which should have fit neatly on playlists from sea to shining sea if Rocket had the druthers to get behind the project. With nary a hint of her brother's spiritual proselytizing; Lorna crafted the majority of the material and her vocal talents are versatile to say the least moving between the richly textured chamber pop of 'My Song' to the mild disco of 'What's Gonna Happen' with confidence and class. Of the two cover's Night Music' written by Dave Ellingson husband of Kim Carnes is the best. A tasty made for radio pop song highlighted by Carnes trademark raspy background vocals. Rocket did tap this one as a single but it sadly failed to chart and while Wright wasn't creating an entirely different style of music from other female artists of the period, 'Circle of Love' has stood the test of time.
Prior to this release Wright released a non-LP 45 'Slow Dancing'/'Fires Of Love' which I've never come across although I have heard her one of two post 'Circle Of Love' singles via You Tube and trust me when I say 'Police Woman (Queen Of The Neon Jungle)' is best avoided.

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  Side One:
A1.  I'm Gonna Love You Tonight 03:46
A2. Circle Of Love 03:20
A3. My Song 02:07
A4. What's Gonna Happen? 04:07
A5. Stranger 04:37
  Side Two:
B1. Night Music 03:41
B2. Love Is Forever 03:46
B3. Get A Little Crazy 03:08
B4. Magic In Your Eyes 03:24
B5. You Have Me 02:56
B6. You Can't Find Yesterday 03:12

Lorna Wright - lead & background vocals
Jay Lewis - guitar, bass, percussion, background vocals
Larry Carlton, Fred Tackett, Jay Graydon - guitars
Mike Porcaro, Leland Sklar, Dennis Belfield, Klaus Voorman - bass
Jim Keltner, Andre Fischer, Chet McCraken, Ralph Humphries - drums
Bill Cuomo - keyboards, piano, synthesizer, clavinet, pipe organ
David Foster - moog bass, synthesizer
Gary Wright, David Pomeranz, Kim Carnes,
Bette Sweet, Hiroshi Upshur - background vocals
Ernie Watts - flute
Edgar Lustgarten - cello
Gail Levant - harp
Victor Feldman - clavinet
Steve Foreman - percussion

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