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Tim Lake - Same Old Roadside Inn (1979 Rounder Records) 

Artist: Tim Lake
Album: Same Old Roadside Inn
Label: Rounder Records,
BMI and Happy Valley Music
Catalog#: 3028
Country: US
Genre: Country Rock, Modern Folk
Duration: 00:34:38

Born in Mew York City, raised —from the age of two — in Lexington. Kentucky, Tim Lake is a young professional with many musical assets. His voice is strong and expressive; his phrasing, direct yet fluid and affecting. He is at home playing either guitar or banjo, both of which he employs effectively on this album.
As a songwriter Tim has the ability to communicate a highly personal situation - the benumbed musician of "Same Old Roadside Inn" or the reflective father in "Before the Morning Birds Awaken!' Other songs of Tim's, like "Linda the Lover "Sammy Lou" and "Grandpa Didn't Like Much of Nothing',' draw moving portraits of people who don't quite fulfill the world's expectations of them.
The performances on this album are remarkable not only for musical excellence —of which there is an abundance — but also for the coherence that emerges despite a diversity of instrumental combinations and styles. From the bare guitar accompaniment of "Linda" to the country rock feel of "Sammy Lou"—from the jazz treatment of "Back Home" to the CS W sound of "Rescue Jesus"—each song fits comfortably against its neighbors. The overall consensus is that the different formats are used neither as musical experiments nor as means to an artificially-produced variety of sounds, but simply as the best way of presenting Tim's songs.
The presentation also benefits greatly from the exceptional skill of the accompanying musicians. Several, like Jerry Douglas, Jimmy Gaudreau. Glenn Lawson and Bobby Slone are widely known through their work with J. D. Crowe and the New South and other groups. The rest of the musicians are equally creative, sensitive and sure in their contributions. While the band never distracts from the song itself, there are numerous inspired musical moments throughout All in all, a most rewarding album. - Jack Tottle

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  Side One:
A1. Roadside Inn - 04:38
A2. Back Home - 06:13
A3. Linda The Lover - 05:54
  Side Two:
B1. Sammy Lou - 04:36
B2. Before the Morning Birds Awaken - 05:06
B3. To Rescue Jesus - 02:11
B4. Grandpa Didn't Like Much of Nothing - 04:30
B5. Devil's Dream - 01:26

    All selections written by Tim Lake and published by Lake's Sake Music.
    BMI except Devil's Dream which is a traditional tune arranged by Tim Lake.
    All selections arranged by Tim Lake and Steve Bryant.
    All selections recorded at Lemco Sound. Lexington.
    Kentucky except Roadside Inn and To Rescue Jesus which were recorded
    at Electric Arts Sound Studio. Madisonville. Kentucky.
    Mixed at Electric Arts Sound Studio. Madisonville. Kentucky.
    Mastered by Steve Chandler and Denny Purcell.
    Woodland Sound Studios. Nashville. Tennessee.
    Album cover photography: M. S. Kezny Photography. Lexington. Kentucky
    Album cover graphics: Art Dept.. Inc.. Lexington.
    Producer: Hugh Sturgill
    Engineer: Steve Chandler

Duke Madison - Saxophone
Donovan Moore - Fiddle, Electric Piano
Hershel Morgan - Piano
Paul Osborne - Flute
Bobby Slone - Fiddle
Hugh Sturgill, Chuck Adair, Glenn Lawson - Guitar
Donna Faye Toadvine, Andrew Gordon - Harmony Vocals
Tim Lake - Banjo, Guitar, Harmony Vocals, Main Performer, Vocals
John Heinrich - Dobro, Steel Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Steve Bryant, Tommy Hough - Bass Guitar
Steve DiMartino - Drums
James Dougherty - Dobro
Jimmy Gaudreau - Mandolin, Harmony Vocals
Phil Gazzell - Harmonica

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