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Cymbal and Clinger - Cybmal and Clinger (1972) 

Artist: Cymbal And Clinger
Album: Cymbal And Clinger
Label: Chelsea Records
Catalog#: CHE-1002
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album

Country: US
Released: 1972
Genre: Pop, Rock
Duration: 00:30:58

Johnny Cymbal (born John Hendry Blair) (February 3, 1945 - March 16, 1993) was a Scottish born American songwriter, singer, and record producer who had numerous hit records, including his signature song, "Mr. Bass Man".
"...In 1969 John acrimoniously ended his partnership with George Tobin, met and fell in love with Catherine (Peggy) Clinger, and became active with the Wes Farrell Organization and their label, Chelsea Records.
Cymbal and Clinger forged a complete relationship; writing and recording together as well as becoming romantic partners. This was a watershed period for Cymbal. Johnny had a 1973 solo release on Chelsea, "Boulder, Colorado" (Chelsea 158), which garnered attention but did not hit. On his own and with Clinger as co-writer, Johnny had songs recorded by Wes Farrell-produced artists including the Cattanooga Cats and the Partridge Family, as well as solo recordings by Partridge lead singer, David Cassidy.
By 1972, Cymbal and Clinger's writing success led Farrell to produce Cymbal and Clinger on an eponymous LP of their own material using the cream of studio musicians in the Los Angeles area, including: Hal Blaine, Tom Scott, Larry Carlton, Michael Omartian, Joe Osborn and the rest of the "A" team players. Singles from that effort failed to chart, and though John and Peggy toured to support the release, including one gig at the Hollywood Bowl opening for Sly and the Family Stone, the LP did little to enhance the career of either Cymbal or Clinger. But David Cassidy's recording of the Clinger/Cymbal song "Rock Me Baby" (featured on the Cymbal & Clinger LP) which failed to make much noise in the US went #1 in the UK and then Top 5 in Australia for another artist, John Farnham.
Subsequently, according to newspaper reports, Peggy Clinger died of a drug overdose at her home in Boulder, Colorado. Of Clinger, Austin Roberts said, "...she was a beautiful person and she and Johnny were just totally in love with each other." Although Johnny and Peggy had broken up as a couple before her death, his discouragement at their LP's failure and his depression at the news of Clinger's passing sent Cymbal into an emotional and physical decline for several years during which he drifted into the Hollywood drug culture ultimately hitting bottom. Fortunately, he went into rehab, and with the assistance of his former wife, Carol, he rediscovered his Christianity, obtained professional help, and over the next few years was able to overcome his addictions and make a complete recovery. ..." - wikipedia.org
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  Side One:
A1. Everybody Wants To Be Somebody 03:05
A2. You Can't Always Get What You Want 04:10
A3. Dreams Of You 02:33
A4. Rock Me Baby 02:54
A5. The Pool Shooter 02:44
 • Side Two:
B1. Nobody Knows 03:39
B2. God Bless You Rock 'N' Roll 03:07
B3. A Little Bit No, A Little Bit Yes 02:28
B4. For Ever And Ever 02:29
B5. The Dying River 03:05

     Recorded at Western Recorders, Studio 2 and The Record Plant
     © 1972 Chelsea Records Corp.
     Manufactured And Distributed By RCA Records,
     New York, NY. Printed In U.S.A.

     Engineer – Bob Kovach, Gary Kelgren
     Photography – Lorrie Sullivan
     Design – Jimmy Wachtel
     Producer – Wes Farrell

Peggy Clinger & Johnny Cymbal - Vocals
Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon - Drums
Max Bennett, Joe Osborne - Bass
Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Louie Shelton - Guitar
Mike Melvoin, Mike Omartian - Keyboards
Gary Coleman, Alan Estes - Percussion
Jim Horn, Bob Hardaway, Tom Scott - Wind (Woodwinds)
Jim Getzoff - Strings
Lew McCreary, Slyde Hyde - Trombone
Chuck Findley, Ollie Mitchell -
Arranged By (Rhythm Tracks) – Wes Farrell
Arranged By (Strings, Horns) – Mike Melvoin

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