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The Group With No Name - Moon Over Brooklyn © 1976 Casablanca Records

Artist: Group With No Name
Album: Moon Over Brooklyn
℗ & © 1976 Casablanca Records Inc.
Catalog №: NBLP 7033
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Made in U.S.A.
Released: 1976
Format / Bitrate: MP3 / 320 kbps
Genre: Funk / Soul, Disco
Total Time: 00:36:54

As the story goes, rock music's biggest capitalist Gene Simmons visited a restaurant in el-lay called 'Great American Food & Beverage Company' where he was waited on by a struggling actress named Katie Sagal, who as it happens was in a band with one of Simmons former school mates. Gene, ever the opportunist introduced the five-some to Casablanca label head Neil Bogart where a deal was offered almost on the spot. Mind you, Gene is only mentioned as 'a mutual friend' on the back cover blurb, but it's quite the rags to riches story at least for Sagal who went on to become a big star thanks to the television show 'Married With Children'. Continuing the tale, 'Moon Over Brooklyn' recorded in New York was delivered to the label without a band name hence the clever, if overly long moniker - The Group with No Name.
It's hard for me to listen to this album and not draw comparisons to the future sound of Desmond Child & Rouge, although the group's roots whether they knew it or not can be found in Brotherhood Of Man and Guys 'N' Dolls - early to mid '70s male/female pop ensembles that were very popular at the time. 'Baby Love (How Could You Love Me)' and 'Get Out In The Sunshine' both have a disco back beat, dripping with the innocence of the time and its here, not forgetting 'I Believe' The Group With No Name offer their best work although on slower songs like the Starland Vocal Band folk/classical dirge 'Virginia' and the Barbara Streisand Las Vegas schlock of 'It's Me And You', the group is not as successful. 'Ain't No Use' mixes vaudeville and disco ala Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band which is fun over a couple plays, after that its annoying as hell. The title track, a rather mundane ballad closes out the record and I'm left with the feeling The Group With No Name had more talent and ideas than one album could carry and offering such a wide range of styles turned the whole affair into an uneven album seriously lacking focus.
True to form Gene Simmons kept his relationships with the ladies after the group split and included them as backing vocalists for his 1978 solo album. Katie Sagal and Franny Eisenberg would go on to tour with Bette Midler for several years with Sagal ending up on Molly Hatchet's 'Take No Prisoners' album before movie and television work would occupy her time. A little surprised that 'Moon Over Brooklyn' has yet to appear on CD.

               • Side One:
              A1. Baby Love (How Could You Leave Me) 2:49
              A2. Virginia 4:23
              A3. Get Out In The Sunshine 3:47
              A4. I Believe 5:12
               • Side Two:
              B1. All I Need 3:50
              B2. Cindy,Cindy 3:27
              B3. It's Me And You 4:21
              B4. Ain't No Use 4:11
              B5. Moon Over Brooklyn 4:17

Franny Eisenberg, Jimmy Loff, Alan Miles, Carolyn Ray, Katie Sagal - Vocals
Jerry Friedman, Jeff Miranox, Al Gorgoni, Al Snyder - Guitars
Frank Owens, Warren Bernhardt, Leon Pendarvis, Pat Rebillot, Alan Miles - Keyboards
Bob Babbitt, Don Payne - Bass
Allan Schwartzberg - Drums
Carlos Martin, Jimmy Maelen - Congas
George Devens - Vibes, Percussion
George Young - Flute, Saxophone

-----  ☆☆☆ ----- 


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