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Daniel - Phoenix 1976-78 (2001 World In Sound)

Artist: Daniel
Album: Phoenix 1976-78
Label: World In Sound
Catalog#: WIS 1008
Made in Germany
Released: 2001
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Format: FLAC (trcks,.cue+log)
Bitrate: lossless
Total Time: 00:46:35

This album was a demo only release by Daniel in 1979 to send out to record companies. He started to write the music in 1971, recorded in 76-78 - only a few copies are known of this great and unique record. The music ranges from fantastic acid folk to full blown psychedelic creepers with heavy cello - and furious fuzz guitar assaults. His producer?s voice:"Daniel plays the cello like Jimi Hendrix the guitar"!!! Now he is a movie actor and producer in Hollywood, known as Jason D. Holt. This CD comes with 2 bonus tracks, artist?s bio and picture!
Late '70's album by this US solo artist who played Cello and worked with various artists including Cat Stevens. A diverse album mixing folk, hard rock and typical '70's singer songwriter material this is a fine album crossing various musical borders. There is some great guitar work, orchestration and evocative songs.
Daniel's Phoenix album combines quality electric guitar playing with amplified Cello in an exciting and original way. 'Get Ready To Rip', 'Saddened And Alone Again' and 'Have You Walked In The Sun' for instance blend the Cello's melancholia with a rock sound bed that makes the whole something quite unique (no, nothing like ELO!).Coupled with Daniel's emphatic vocal style, you really have to hear this. Born Daniel Tsadik Vodianoy in 1950 in South Bend, Indianna, Daniel was the son of a world renowned doctor of optomotry and brilliant musician mother. Training in piano from age two, Cello from five and guitar at twelve, he toured as a professional orchestral cellist and became buddies with Tom Jones and Elvis. He wrote and recorded the songs on his CD between 1971 and 1978. There are vaguely Randy Newman type songs (as in 'Member Of My Tribe') which then spiral off into a different dimension with the duality of the cello and electric guitar. An album well worth your time and investment.

 • Tracklist:

01. Get Ready To Rip 3:16
02. On A Mountain 4:22
03. Debra 3:56
04. Real Fine Woman 4:19
05. Saddened And Alone Again 5:20
06. Have You Walked In The Sun 3:36
07. Love Baloons 2:56
08. Member Of My Tribe 4:18
09. Sooner Or Later 2:55
10. It's You Babe 4:59
11. Sooner Or Later (Alt. Version) 3:04
12. Debra (Alt. Version) 3:20

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