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England's Glory - Self Titled LP (1973 -5 Hours Back)

Artist: England's Glory
Album: Self Titled
Label: 5 Hours Back
Catalog#: TOCK 004
Recorded Jan. 1973, Venus Recording Studios,
Whitechapel, London, England
Released: 1987
Country: UK
Genre: Rock, Prog Rock, Glam
Total Time: 00:38:05

In January 1973, Peter Perrett records his songs with his band called England's Glory, featuring John Newey on drums, Harry Kakoulli on bass and David Clarke on lead guitar. He decides a very audacious bet in recording an LP completely, until the acetate is done and distributed to the various labels. This LP has never been released and the fact that David Clarke left the band and that no correct replacement was found sealed the destiny of the band. Only 3 years later (after living on dealing drug) he was able to form another one, the fabulous Only Ones with 3 incredibly great musicians. Not that England's Glory was bad either. There's in it some of the charm that will be germinates so radiously in the Only Ones, but the music is too down on the ground, and even underground given the strong influence of the Velvet on it. Often, one could imagine it's Lou Reed singing and even if Dylan was the supposed to be the main influence on Peter Perrett's songwriting, nothing here can attested it. Two future Only Ones songs are here in their first version ("City of Fun", much more punk oriented than the final one, strange since it was recorded 3 years before punk, and "Peter & The Pets" that lacks the genius of the further version). My fave song here is the fantastic "First Time I Saw You" and it's sad Peter Perrett did not propose it to the Only Ones. If I post this non-bonus tracks version of the LP is that because I think interesting to listen to the album as it was recorded. However, I'll post all the unissued songs on a further post (I mean unissued at the times, since now 2 CDs have gathered them). Here is therefore the initial LP as it was, and as it has been released by 5 Hours Back label (distributed by Revolver Cartel in 1987).

Side One:
A1. Devotion 02:35  
A2. The Wide Waterway 03:36  
A3. City Of Fun 04:00  
A4. First Time I Saw You 06:40  
A5. Broken Arrows 02:50  
Side Two:
B1. Bright Lights 04:13  
B2. It's Been A Long Time 04:12  
B3. The Guest 04:46  
B4. Peter & The Pets 02:42  
B5. Showdown 02:27

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Predictably Blonde:
01. Predictably Blonde 03:51
02. Bells That Chime 03:54
03. Weekend 02:32
04. Shattered Illusions 02:37
The Ultimate Session:
01. Trouble In The World 02:49
02. Predictably Blonde 03:55
03. Weekend 02:39

Vocals, Guitar – Peter Perrett 
Backing Vocals – Mary Holland, Menna Clarke, Penny Kamp, Zena Kakoulli
Bass, Backing Vocals – Harry Kakoulli*
Drums, Percussion – Jon Newey
Lead Guitar – David Clarke (2)
Piano, Organ – Michael Kemp

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