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Highwind - Same 1980 Forum Records - FR 1001

Artist: Highwind
Album: Self Titled
1980 Forum Records
Catalog#: FR 1001
Country: USA
Genre: AOR, Progressive Hard Rock
Total time: 00:40:39

"Highwind" - Kentucky private pressing LP with that classic progressive Hard Rock /AOR sound that reminds me of Kansas in every way. Other people have put the 'pomp' tag on it but personally I didn't find that to be so accurate. I didn't know this band, at first glance I thought it might be a Christian band but apparently isn't, or not much (in that regard also like Kansas). All songs written by Guitarist Rick Fox, joined by bass, drums and dual keyboards. Original USA pressing LP on Forum Records, 1980.

I first heard about this band via a review in Sounds magazine way back in 1982. The review compared the Kentucky based Highwind favourably to Le Roux circa their 'Up' period. This comparison was enough to prompt an extensive foray into countless bargain bins, in what I thought would ultimately be a fruitless search. Finally, after two decades of searching on a quest of almost 'Holy Grail' style proportions, I managed to secure the purchase of this elusive gem via the Internet for the princely sum of $10! 'Well was it worth it?!' I hear you cry. In a word 'yes!' Whilst not quite in the same league as 'Up' (and let's face it not many AOR albums are) it is still a fine example of late seventies Pomp. This can largely be attributed to the able song-writing talents of guitarist/mainman Rick Fox, who curiously enough was to find a career in L.A playing in bands such as Sin and Steeler!. The album itself is characterized by crisp, tight arrangements, and some fantastic guitar keyboard interplay. Considering it's an independent release the production isn't bad either ( Chameleon take note!).
The Songs:
Highlights? Where do I begin? Well firstly there's 'One By One' with its chorus punctuated by stabbing piano keys and Rick Fox's snarling guitar (wonderfully rough and ready throughout). Then of course there's my personal favourite 'Wild In The Streets' with its pumping bass line and soaring keyboard solo. Essential ingredients for a Pomp classic as any self-respecting student of the genre will tell you. Over on side two, you have 'Hardened Crime' with a killer Hammond organ solo (I kid you not!) and as a fine closer there's the majestic Pomp of 'I Only Want To Know You'. Hell, even my girlfriend was tapping her foot to this one. glorydazemusic.

Side One:
A1. Who Has Your Love 04:05
A2. Feel the Fire 03:19
A3. One By One 04:22
A4. Wild in the Streets 04:11
A5. Highwinds Flyer 04:20
Side Two:
B1. 1999 03:47
B2. Dead or Alive 03:54
B3. How Did You Know 04:20
B4. Hardened Crime 04:53
B5. I Only Want to Know You 03:25

Rick Fox - Guitars, Lead vocals
Ray Yancey - Bass, Vocals
Greg Schaffer - Organ, Synthesizer, Vocals
Bruce Stull - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Steve Besedick - Piano, Vocals

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