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David Sinclair - Take My Hand 1973 SGM Records

Artist: David Sinclair
Title: Take My Hand
Label: SGM Records ltd. CA
Catalog#: LPS 102
Country: Vancouver, British Columbia
Genre: Psich, Folk rock
Total Time: 00:41:18

Growing up in Vancouver, David was first was exposed to the world of professional music at the age of twelve. As a teenager, he was part of many bands and played locally regularly, moving from one playing situation to another, refining his guitar skills and performance. At the expense of his academic courses at the University of British Columbia's School of Music (Canada), he would often spend hours in the music library listening to a wide variety of guitar music from delta blues, to Django and to classical. During that period he was also introduced to the recording studio namely, Vancouver Recording (with legendary Vancouver engineer/producer Robin Spurgin), one of the very few professional studios in town at the time, which he frequented for days at a time, observing sessions and doing everything and anything he could to gain studio experience.

Take My Hand is the ultimate Canadian Private Pressing LP from 1973, West Coast Folk-Rock-Psych sytlings with sudden tempo shifts from mellow dreamy acoustic with occasional female backing vocals to sudden bursts of electric guitar wailing. The album also has a couple of great downer tracks with sparse arrangements. Highlights include: “A Tale Of Raven” “To Know You” “Three Hour Ride” and “This Time Around”. Canadian Singer-singwriter style music with some psych direction, and a strong and very pleasant West Coast feel. Fans of David Wiffen and Vernon Wray would greatly enjoy.
Originally recorded in 1973 by Stan Cayer for SGM Records, David Sinclair's psych/folk release Take My Hand has been re-mastered from the original 2 track mix with seven added rare bonus tracks. David learned the studio game by hanging out while Stan worked his genius and soon found himself playing on sessions. He went on to be a top studio guitarist and singer in the Vancouver scene, opening on tour for The Poppy Family. He was a member of Sunshyne, the group that went on to become Prism and later had hits with Straight Lines and Body Electric. Much in demand as a guitarist, he played K.D. Lang's live shows and for years travelled with Sara Mclachlan during the Fumbling Towards Ecstasy and Lilith Fair tours.

Side One:
1. Take My Hand 03:58
2. Livin' in the Country 04:02
3. Baby You Do 03:45
4. Hello There 01:50
5. This Time Around 02:58
Side Two:
1. A Tale of Raven 05:30
2. Three Hour Ride 02:52
3. Lord It's All Around 03:41
4. Ridin' Home 03:10
5. To Know You 03:12

                          Produced by David Sinclair & Stan Cayer

David Sinclair - Guitar, Vocals
Edwin Copperd - Piano
Derek Norris - Bass
Brian Tohnstone - Drums
Ronn Zinko - Drums on This Time Around &
Three Hour Ride

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  1. Великолепный альбом. Я его теперь послушал именно благодаря тебе.