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Band: Big Papa & The TCB
Albums: 2007 Nice 'n' Greazy  
2009 12-Gauge Insurance Plan
2010 Buckshot Love: Live From The Rhythm Lounge
 Country: Redlands, USA
 Label: Self-released & Dream Pickle Music
 Genre: Jump blues, West Coast blues

BIG PAPA AND THE TCB was born in the back alleys and seedy after hours parties in juke joints. It's the rough part of town, where the bad folks live. It's your inner child finally kicking that bully's teeth in-

Takin' Care of Bizness, pure and simple. Their song, "GO BIG PAPA!" has been used in the national television ad campaign by Papa John's Pizza for the past two years and has been licensed for a third. It even appeared during the Superbowl! They have also recently had two songs appear in the hit A&E TV series, BREAKOUT KINGS. BIG PAPA AND THE TCB has also garnered several awards. They won "Best Song" and "Best Blues Album" at the 2008 Inland Empire Music Awards for their second CD, 12 GAUGE INSURANCE PLAN. Their first disc, NICE 'N' GREAZY, won three 2007 Inland Empire Music Awards, including “Best Live Band,” “Best Blues Album” and “Best Song." Likewise, they were nominated for Best Swing in the 2008 Orange County Music Awards. Leading this rag-tag bunch of ruffians is CHRIS "BIG PAPA" THAYER, working the mic and cuttin’ heads on the six string with a ferocious blend of styles, including Louis Jordan, Albert Collins, and Robert Cray. Layin’ down the low stuff, nice ‘n’ cool, is blues veteran STEVE "ICE CREAM MAN" BROWN on bass. RAY "MR. PITTZ" WILSON is the glue that holds it all together on the skins with immense power and boyish good looks, keeping the ladies comin‘ back for a closer look. Formed in 2006, BIG PAPA AND THE TCB have taken audiences by storm, “Resurrecting Cool” all across the Western US with their mixture of jump blues, rock and swing. They have shared the stage with blues legends like Robert Cray, Johnny Winter, Tommy Castro, Coco Montoya, Fabulous Thunderbirds, James Hunter and Rod Piazza & the Mighty Flyers. Their latest CD, DANCE WITH THE DEVIL, mastered by Grammy Award winning mastering engineer, Robert Hadley of the Mastering Labs, is a 2 disc set featuring 20 new recordings. The first disc includes 10 songs performed in their "electrified" versions, and the second features the same songs in a raw, old school, down-home acoustic style. This two disc melding of past and present is their fourth full-length CD release. Previous releases include BUCKSHOT LOVE: LIVE FROM THE RHYTHM LOUNGE, 12 GAUGE INSURANCE PLAN, and NICE 'N' GREAZY. In addition to a two year sponsorship from Sam Ash Music, BIG PAPA AND THE TCB have signed endorsement deals with Heil Sound Microphones, Furman Sound and Levy’s Leathers Guitar Straps. BIG PAPA AND THE TCB is the music you hear echoing off the brick walls of the alley as two tough guys begin acquainting your knee caps with "Mr. Lead Pipe."

2007 Nice 'n' Greazy

The one that started it all!!! 9 smokin' live tracks.
Recorded @ the Fender Museum & Center for the Arts
featuring "Go Big Papa!" as heard in the national Papa John's Pizza ad campaign.


  ♪ Tracklist: 

1. Flip Flop & Fly - 4:32
2. Little Miss Mischief - 3:51
3. 200 Lbs. of Trouble - 5:25
4. Ain't No Thang - 5:30
5. Hoochie Coochie Man - 8:11
6. I Want You Back - 7:05
7. Cupid - 5:14
8. Too Many Dirty Dishes - 9:01
9. Go Big Papa! - 7:24


    2009 12-Gauge Insurance Plan

Sixteen bad-ass servings of "Back Alley Brawlin' Rhythm 'n' Blues."
Features special guests: Jumpin Jack Benny, Gabe Hartman, 

Marianne Keith & Kelly McGuire.
  ♪ Tracklist:

1. Who's Yo Daddy? - 2:18
2. Another Man's Wife - 5:12
3. Money - 3:42
4. The Fool You Left Behind - 4:30
5. Hey There Charlie - 4:18
6. All I Need - 3:33
7. Slow Down - 4:01
8. Another Ride - 3:04
9. Saved By You - 4:53
10. Easy Does It - 4:10
11. Little Miss Mischief - 4:20
12. It Wasn't Me - 5:37
13. Ain't No Thang - 3:17
14. Dirty Bird Blues - 9:26
15. Lovin' Man - 2:56
16. Go Big Papa! - 3:29


  2010 Buckshot Love: Live From The Rhythm Lounge

The latest live CD!!! 11 smokin' live recordings.
featuring special guest: Jumpin Jack Benny.


  ♪ Tracklist:

1. Who's Yo Daddy? - 3:07
2. All I Need - 3:21
3. Another Ride - 4:24
4. Money - 5:19
5. Another Man's Wife - 5:46
6. The Fool You Left Behind - 4:18
7. Black Cat Bone - 6:45
8. Dirty Bird Blues - 9:55
9. Hey There Charlie! - 4:33
10. Got My Mojo Workin' - 7:56
11. Caldonia - 5:22


                "Big Papa" (Chris Thayer) - Guitar, lead vocals
                "Ice Cream Man" (Steve Brown) - Bass, backup vocals
                "Mr. Pittz" (Ray Wilson III) - Drums, backup vocals
                "Philly" (Chuck Simpson) - Tenor Sax, backup vocals
                "Lotta Mo" (Maurice Oliva) - Baritone & Tenor Sax, backup vocals


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