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Lisa Mills - I'm Changing 2005

Performer: Lisa Mills
Album: I'm Changing
CD Baby records
Catalog#: 182250
Country: USA
Genre: Blues, Vocal jazz
Total Time: 00:46:05

It’s a long way from south Mississippi, where she was born, to Glastonbury, in southwestern England. But Lisa Mills has played Glastonbury and many more European festivals enough to feel comfortable on both sides of the Atlantic. In fact, the artistic connections she formed as she gained international fans are counted as her musical next-of-kin; they just happen to be in the UK, while she now makes her home on Mobile Bay.
High praise from Wade Wellborn of Currents Magazine. “These dynamic and inspiring performances help prove that Lisa Mills is the real deal; no studio tricks needed, no airbrushing required. By Invitation Only is a wonderful listen—soothing, bluesy, rocking, and sexy.”

             ♪ Track List:

            01. Shake It (04:51)
            02. The Truth (04:08)
            03. Better Than This (I don't need you anymore) (03:38)
            04. I'm Changing (03:59)
            05. Tell Me (02:27)
            06. Take My Troubles (04:09)
            07. I Need a Little Sunshine (03:43)
            08. Whish I was in Heaven (sittin' down) (04:47)
            09. Little Wing (06:29)
             Bonus Track:
            10. Unchain My Heart (07:41)

Lisa Mills - Vocal, Guitar
Ian Jennings - Co-producer, Double Bass
Andy Fairweather - Guitar
Eric Heigle - Drums

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