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Red Alert - The Ultimate Collection 2012 +7" Single 1980

Artist: Red Alert
Album: The Ultimate Collection
2012 State Records Ltd
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: 1980s Rock, Hard Rock, Punk
Format / BiTrate: MP3-320kbps
Total Length: 00:47:27

Red Alert were a short-lived NWOBHM / Heavy Rock band formed in the late 1970's. Their big break was being featured on the 1980 EMI Records NWOBHM compilation album "Metal For Muthas Volume II", with the track "Open Heart". After the release of the single they changed their name to Arctic Life then promptly disappeared. This is NOT the same band who released the "Run To The Ground" 7" in 1982. That Red Alert was THE NEXT BAND under a new name.
Pat Devlin also played in Interplay Colin Moss also played with Sinking Ships and Scapa Flow and along with Rick Woolgar is currently a member of Soul Time.
They were originally called The Pictures, signed to Arista Records in mid 1979 and recorded an album at Sarm East, Morgan and Round House studios which was never released. Toured with Simple Minds. Changed name to Red Alert and signed to State records, played Reading Festival 1980.

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 Single: Break The Rules / What Do You Do For Laughs

    Label: State Records Ltd.
    Catalogue: STAT 101
    Genre: Rock, Hard-Rock
    Country: UK
    Format: 7" Single
    Date: Oct 1980
    Duration: 03:49 / 02:56

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Red Alert  'The Ultimate Collection'
℗ 2012 State Records ltd.


              01. Break the Rules 3:41 *
              02. Breakaway 3:06
              03. Dream Machine 2:59
              04. Early Morning Gleaming 3:50
              05. Fast Lane 3:00
              06. Gotta See You 3:28
              07. Never Felt So Strong 4:24
              08. Panic in the Park 3:15
              09. Programmed Lover 2:57
              10. Sleep Won't Come 3:33
              11. Locked Up in Love 3:41
              12. Motivation 3:20
              13. She's Got It 2:47
              14. Suzanne 3:26

Songwriter: David Bilton, Fred Loughlin, Fred Loughlin,
Pat Devlin, Richard Woolgar, Trevor Fearnley

Pat Devlin - Vocals Coin Moss - Guitar
Rick Wolgar - Bass Dave Bilton - Guitar
Trevor Fernly - Drums

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