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David Fair - I Like You (2002-2009) Compilation

Artist: David Fair
Album: I Like You (2002-2009 Compilation)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee.
Label: Driving Red
Country: USA
Genre: Alternative / Alt.Country / Folk Rock
Format/Bitrate: MP3 -320kbps
Total Time: 00:56:29

David Fair - сынишка рос, рос - вырос и запел. Ну а как тут не петь... Дэвид Фаир, сын композитора, музыканта и певца Joe Fair который с товарищами Paul Cuoco и Ralph Graham в 70-х годах образовали группу "Pressed Down Shaken Together and Running Over", компиляцию из двух альбомов которой я выложил ранее в своем блоге. Там же можно послушать все песни. Первый сольный диск Девида Фаира (David Fair) "Better day" вышел в 2002 году. Здесь представлены четыре трека с этого альбома.. Второй альбом "I Like You" 2009 года - 9 треков из 12 включены в компиляцию. Все, что удалось мне найти. Но и этого думаю не мало, что бы познакомиться с творчеством Девида.

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David Fair, Nashville’s native son, is redefining two words: Artist and Entertainer As an Artist, David is blessed with a diverse musical background, beautiful voice and the ability to write lyrics that are grounded in the reality of life’s drama , no matter how raw. As a performer, his rockin’ guitar playing and outgoing personality help him to affect audiences with his edgy Americana/Folk Rock sound that grabs you by the heart. Born to a musical and songwriting family, with strong Christian values, David spent his youth surrounded by music. His love of Folk music is what piqued his interest in pursuing a musical career . At age 15, David formed his first band, "Walt – Dizzy.” Their solid southern hard rock sound, paved the way for them to land gigs, opening up for bands such as Steppenwolf as well as headlining local shows throughout the South, where they developed a strong following. While still a teenager, David next joined the hard rock metal ban, Medicine Mann, as lead singer and co-songwriter, touring the south and opening for such bands as: Quiet Riot, Skid – Row, Warrant, Twisted Sister, and I Mother Earth. After relocating to San Francisco in 1999, he had the opportunity to open up for Artists such as Carlos Santana (Santana), and Eric Martin (Mr. Big). In 2001, David released his first solo album, which contained several stand out tracks like Crazy and I Am Certain. In 2003 he returned to his roots in Nashville… things had come full circle for him, both personally and professionally. In 2008 his performance of I Am Certain, written by his father, Joe Fair, topped the Independent Artist Christian Chart and reached 2 on Cashbox Magazine as well. David is currently promoting his latest EP titled “You Never Know”, which is also the title of the first single. The track is a collaboration with Big Vinny from Trailer Choir, an emotionally moving track that captures the fragility of life, and the importance of savoring each day with no guarantees for the future.

              ♪ Tracklist:

             01. Better Day 3:47
             02. Hands to Heaven 4:12
             03. I Drive by Your House 4:43
             04. You Never Know •• 04:04
             05. My Home Town •• 04:28
             06. I Like You •• 03:23
             07. California •• 03:07
             08. I Can't Wait For You •• 04:35
             09. She Cries •• 03:49
             10. Lay Down By The Water •• 04:19
             11. Pretty Girls •• 03:37
             12. The Singer (Live) •• 03:15
              • Bonus Track:
             13. Everythig Is Cool 04:02
             14. I Am Certain (Joe & David Fair) 04:58

                 • From the album "Better" - Released 2002
               • • From the album "I Like You" - Released 2009

Band members include:
David Fair - Acoustic lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Josh Gramling - Lead guitar, backing vocals
Moises Padilla - Drums
David Phoenix - Bass

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