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Charlie & The Wide Boys - St (EP, Anchor, 1974)

Artist: Charlie & The Wideboys
Album: Self Title
℗ 1974 Anchor Records, Ltd.
Catalog#: ANCE 1007
Made in U.K.
Genre: Art-Rock

Недолгосрочный, но своеобразный арт-роковый, типично английский проект Интересен еще тем, что здесь впервые опробовал свои композиторские способности один из самых талантливых ударников в арт-роке Гай Эванс (Van Der Graaf/Рeter Наammill), составив "дядюшке Чарли" компанию в сочинении наиболее психоделических моментов с громоподобными соло барабанов..
Группа обладала характерным собственным почерком, и для интересующихся арт-роковыми экспериментами придется по душе. Удачны оба альбома, но финансовый крах маленькой фирмы ANCHOR Records, приютившей группу, и невозможность подписания контракта с более крупной компанией привели к скорому и окончательному финалу.

A hugely underrated good ol' time rock & roll band, by the pioneers of the British pub rock movement and deeply rooted in the dipole of the Stones and the Faces tradition, formed in 1973 and quite quickly sacked from the face of the earth. "Never known to stray beyond three or four chords, like Dr. Feelgood, were hip to the beat group look when it mattered". Skinny ties, tight trousers and a bunch of good songs were a lot though for this little space on the net to point out to you the importance of Charlie & the Wide Boys. That's the only release those boys had during their lifetime (an album appeared in the shops two years after group's demise) and it's a damn fine piece of vinyl. An undiscovered by many gem that absolutely defining the term 'guitar based rock & roll'!
Charlie & The Wide Boys would become well known on the London pub rock circuit.
Formed by vocalist and songwriter Charlie Ainley the band also came through the foots barn theatre, which also produced Touch The Earth amongst others.
The band were formed by Charlie and Guy Evans, who formally played as saxophonist with Van Der Graaf Generator. After building up a solid repuation in Cornwall in the summer of 1973 they hit the London club scene where their brand of rock and roll drew them to the attention of Anchor Records who signed them up in Early 1974.
They went on to cut an LP's worth of tracks and Anchor put out a promotional EP of material. Despite their success in London they remained loyal to Cornwall and maintained their base in the county. Bands of course needed to remain active in the thriving London scene and generate a solid fan base in the capitol.
Anchor soon lost interest in the band and the proposed album was left in the can. Not long after, around November 1974 the band split up. The material recorded for Anchor would see the light of day two years later when Music For Pleasure released the sessions as Great Country Rockers in 1976. Charlie would go on to released a solo LP, Bang You Door, for EMI in 1978 as well as putting out a couple of singles on the label.
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               ♪  Tracklist:

              A1. Gilly I Do 03:18
              A2. Oh Sweet Annie 02:40
              B1. Wahtutsi (You're The Only One I Need) 03:03
              B2. Love Me Real 02:30

Band Members:
Charlie Ainley - Vocals and songwriting
Richard Worthy - Guitar
Greg Phillips - Vocals, Percussion
Simon Fraser - Guitar
Nigel Chappell - Bass

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