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Voodoo Organist - Organeddon (2012 Cd Baby.Com/Indys) 

Artist/BandThe Voodoo Organist
Album: Organeddon
Label: CD Baby.com/Indys (CDBY)
Catalog #: 219829

Release Date: 3 July 2012
Country: California, US
Genre: Rock, Rock/Pop, Funk, Blues
Total Length: 01:14:03

Just in time for Armageddon, here comes Organeddon, the 7th album by the Voodoo Organist. All songs were written, recorded, performed and produced by Scott Wexton at the Voodoo Studio. As a bonus, the album contains the Voodoo Synthesist album, The Form Destroyer, which up until now, was only released digitally. The album is a limited edition of 300 copies, and all are signed and hand numbered.
2012 marks the 10 year Anniversary of the Voodoo Organist. Since 2002 he has performed almost 800 shows in the US, and has received close to 200 press articles in magazines and newspapers from all over. The vast majority of this was accomplished without the help of a booking agent, publicist or manager. Sometimes the VO performs as a 2 piece with Robin Kennon on drums, and other times as a solo act accompanied by drum machine. Wexton multi-tasks to the extreme, playing organ, bass pedals, synth and theremin, while singing simultaneously. VO has performed with many great acts, including Stan Ridgway, the Black Heart Procession, Hasil Adkins, Bob Log III, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, and even played organ and theremin in Dave Vanian's Phantom Chords.
Voodoo has a sound that defies categorization; the musical styles range from industrial jazz to gothic waltzes; from acid rock to exotic mambos; from synth punk to krautrock. His vocal style is equally unique too - influenced by many including Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Captain Beefheart, Jim Morrison, Lux Interior, Tom Waits and Foetus. VO is difficult to describe, yet instantly recognizable - sounding something like the house band in Hell's Tiki Lounge, Voodoo will have you dancing like the Devil.

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  • Tracklist:

01. Here Comes Armageddon! 3:36
02. Lying Machine 3:45
03. Mindbender 4:12
04. Goddamn That Man 2:21
05. Not Far Behind 2:21
06. Spy 3:38
07. You're a Zombie 3:17
08. Mambo Mambo 2:25
09. So Long Sucker 3:32
10. Raise Your Glass High 2:33
11. Motorik 3:38
12. A Maze of Death 3:27
13. Goddamn! 3:13
14. Here She Comes 2:50
15. They're Watching You 3:10
16. Valis 2:33
17. Too Many People 3:22
18. Death Bugs March 4:12
19. Atom Smasher At the Radar Station 3:43
20. Shiny Beast 3:46
21. Trip 5:07
22. Divine Invasion 2:45

Scott Wexton - Vocals, Hammond organ, Moog bass pedals, Theremin, Synths
Robin Kennon - Drums, Junk Percussion, Smokes, pbrs

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