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Simon Townshend - Sweet Sound (1983 Polydor)

Artist: Simon Townshend
Album: Sweet Sound
Label: Polydor Records
Catalog#: PDS1-6383
Format: Vinyl, LP, 33 RPM, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1983
Genre: Pop, Rock
Duration: 00:40:22

Who is Simon Townshend? Why, Pete’s brother of course! Pete, Simon, simple enough. The troubling part is that now we’ve got two talented Townshends mucking about in the musical woods. It would have been easy to dismiss Sweet Sound as opportunism cum nepotism, and in fact I expected to after giving the album cover a gander (maybe he cleans up nice). But Sweet Sound by any name would have smelled sweet. Simon is not his brother’s clone, instead straddling the rock/pop/new wave fence like, I dunno, a male version of Kim Wilde. “Palace In The Air” and “I’m The Answer” are awfully catchy, for example, and you’d hate to think of them never being recorded. Nothing on Sweet Sound is going to rock your world, but I’ve heard a lot worse. A lot (Roger Daltrey, I’m looking at you). While Simon sounds like brother Pete sometimes, his voice is generally deeper and gruffer. His lyrics are, um, not really very good; the arrangements are (credit producer Pete). But the lion’s share of the credit goes to Simon, who writes all of the material, sings it (sometimes very well) and presumably plays guitar and synthesizers, making him something of a triple threat. Released during a relative lull in whomankind, Sweet Sound actually entered Billboard’s Top 200. It could thus be said that Simon Townshend made his mark with this record. Whether the Townshend name helped him or hurt him is a question better left for David Knopfler. However, I will say that this album is a good deal better than most records that clock in at number 169. If you’ve already delved into the solo work of The Who, check this one out. You’re in for a sweet surprise.

  • Side One:
A1. Sweet Sound 04:22
A2. I'm the Answer 04:54
A3. On the Scaffolding 05:06
A4. Mr.Sunday 05:13
A5. So Real 03:42
  • Side Two:
B1. Palace In the Air 04:51
B2. ...And More With You 03:40
B3. Freakers 04:03
B4. Heart Stops 04:04

   All songs written by Simon Townshend 

Pete Townshend - Producer, Vocals (Background)
Simon Townshend - Guitar, Primary Artist, Vocals
Ron Aspery - Saxophone
Ted Astley - String Arrangements
Steve Barnacle - Bass
Mark Brzezicki - Drums
Chris Stainton - Piano

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