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The Williams Brothers - The Williams Brothers (1991 Warner Bros. Records)

Artist/Band: The Williams Brothers
Album: The Williams Brothers
© 1991 Warner Bros. Records Inc.
Catalog #: 26503
Release date: April 30, 1991
Country: USA
Genre: Pop/Rock, Folk, Indie Rock, Garage
Duration: 00:40:01

I've loved the Williams Brothers' music since the days of Fly Pretty Baby and their appearance on The Partridge Family in 1974. Even as teenagers, they shared poise and displayed remarkable giftedness in the musical harmonies they sang, and a special closeness between brothers as identical twins. Twenty years later, I awoke straight up from bed when in 1991, I heard for the first time on the top 100 countdown, "Can't Cry Hard Enough". I had tears in my eyes and chills because I immediately knew who was singing the song. I cheered for them and was so proud that the teenage duo that I was so impressed with as teenagers, had 20 years later, blossomed into men who composed such a beautifully, moving song. I was thrilled to find "The Williams Brothers" and even more thrilled to find "Harmony Hotel". Their music holds such a special place in my heart as they seem to sing me through the dark nights that we all have now and then. "Love is the Language", "Broken Things", and "Can't Cry Hard Enough", both on "The Williams Brothers", and the incredibly sweet version of the song on Victoria Williams CD, "Swing The Statue", are the songs I cherish most. "Love Doesn't Ever Fail Us" from the movie "Grace Of My Heart" is a touching ballad that they should have received more credit for. The Williams Brothers seem to sing songs full of compassion, sensitivity, wisdom, and courage, and although the songs can be sad in nature, they sing them with joy in their voices that is a refreshing, comforting, wholesome, and Christian flavor that uplifts us when facing troubles in our daily lives. I'm trying to buy "Two Stories" that they released approximately in 1988, that is out of print. Andy and David, if you happen to read this, thank you so much for using your gifts to touch not only my life, but so many lives around the world with your music that speaks to our hearts. I'm waiting in anticipation for your next work of art. - A. Customer

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  • Tracklist:

01. People Are People 04:19
02. Strings 00:12
03. Can't Cry Hard Enough 03:11
04. Happy Man 04:02
05. It's a Wonderful Life 03:41
06. Miss This World 02:57
07. Give It All up for You 03:38
08. The Family Room 04:47
09. Shimmering 03:58
10. The Big Machine 04:23
11. Everybody Gets a Second Chance 04:48

Scott Babcock - Bodhran, Bongos
Joel Derouin - Viola
Dan Dugmore - Guitar (Steel), Pedal Steel
Michael Fisher - Percussion, Sound Effects
Denny Fongheiser - Cymbals, Drums, Drums (Snare), Percussion, Tambourine
John Gilutin - Keyboards
Bobbye Hall - Congas, Shaker
Suzie Katayama - Cello
Nick Lane - Trombone
Sara Lee, Tony Marsico, Fernando Saunders, Kenny Edwards - Bass
Steve Madaio - Trumpet
David Mansfield - Mandocello, Mandolin, Violin
Sid Page, Hershel Wise - Violin
Phil Parlapiano - Accordion, Guest Artist, Organ
Tim Pierce - Guitar, Wah Wah Guitar
Ian Ritchie - Horn Arrangements, Saxophone
Benmont Tench - Harmonium, Piano
Efrain Toro - Percussion
Andrew Williams - Cello Arrangement, Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Tambourine, Vocals
David Williams - Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Victoria Williams - Composer, Guest Artist, Vocals
David Woodford - Saxophone

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