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Alan Franklin - Come Home Baby (1980 Aladdin Records)

Artist: Alan Franklin
Album: Come Home Baby
Label: Aladdin Records
Catalog#: ALPS 202

Release: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic folk
Duration: 00:33:27

Алан Франклин - владелец первого кислотного рок-клуба Голливуда "The Brave New World", из которого вышли многие звезды шестидесятых: The Doors, The Mothers, Love и другие. Алан занимался творческой концепцией знаменитых "Rocky Mountain Way", "If You Want To Get To Heaven", "Are You Ready For The Country" и др. Ранее Франклин был лидером группы "The Blues Climax", которая приобрела большую популярность в Европе. Дэвид Дикс, барабанщик группы, продолжил карьеру в группе Outlaw.

This new album contains compositions by Alan Franklin which are destined to become possibly your all-time favorites. Alan Franklin was the owner of the first acid rock club "The Brave New World" in Hollywood, California, and out of it came many of the successful acts of the sixties; The Doors, The Mothers, Love, etc.
Alan was involved in the creative music concept of "Rocky Mountain Way", "If You Want To Get To Heaven", "Are You Ready For The Country", and many others.
He previously was a leader of a group called "The Blues Climax" (P) which became very popular in Europe. Copies of the album are selling as high as hundred dollars each, and have become very rare. David Dix, the drummer, went on to be the drummer in the famous Outlaw Band.

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  • Side One:
A1. Be My Girl 02:53
A2. Come Back Annie 02:37
A3. Good Bye Daddy 02:32
A4. Come Home Baby 02:12
A5. I Want to Love 02:08
A6. Lay Your Pretty Head Down 03:50
  • Side Two:
B1. Talkin' to God 02:45
B2. Shake It Baby 03:46
B3. Come Inside 03:31
B4. Boogie With Me Baby 04:01
B5. Country Doll 02:23

        "This Album is dedicated, with Love,
         to My Mother, Ethel Franklin.
" - Alan

Recorded at Criteria Recording Studios, Miami, Florida.
ALL songs are ©© 1979-80 by Alan Franklin Penetration Publishing Co. B.M.I.
Album Designed by Peter Colan

Alan Franklin - Lead Vocal, Rhythm and Slide Guitar, Production
Chuck Kirkpatrick - Background vocals, Additional Instrumentation, Engineering.
Thanks to Morley for the use of their special effects pedals in this album.

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