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Cirrone - Uplands Park Road (2012 Escape Records/Rock Indiana) 

Album: Uplands Park Road
© & Ⓟ 2012 Escape/Rock Indiana
Printed in Gutersloh (Germany)
Country: Italy
Genre: Pop/Rock, Euro-Rock
Total Time: oo:45:21

Uplands Park Road является новым альбомом CIRRONE, группы из Италии, образованной тремя братьями Александр (вокал, гитара), Бруно (вокал, бас) и Мирко Чирроне (вокал, гитара), на ударных Фердинандо Пикколи. Они исполняют запоминающиеся мелодий поп-рока, которые иногда кивают в семидесятые годы, но по-прежнему твердо имплантируются в наши дни. Они приходят в чем-то вроде шока, чтобы найти, что группа на самом деле образовалась в Сицилии. Для вдохновения они собрали свои вещи и направились в Англию и США. Звук солнца своего родного острова смешивается с подлинным роком из Ливерпуля и Нью-Йорке. Как бы взяли такие группы, как: Big Star, Blue, Oasis, Sloan, and The Beatles, бросили в блендер, чтобы создать поп-рок молочный коктейль.)) Эта комбинация создает уникальный пример оригинальности группы.
Альбом был записан в Италии и смикширован в Лос-Анджелесе продюсером Тодд Берк, который содержит 13 эклектичных песен, от баллад до рок-н-ролов из мягких акустических интроспективных настроений. Каждая песня достаточно сильна, чтобы стоять на своих собственных ногах. Плотные гармонии, хриплый и прохладный вокал, мощные звучания гитары, прекрасный пример написание песен.

Uplands Park Road is the new album by the CIRRONE a band from Italy formed by the three brothers Alessandro (vocal, guitar), Bruno (vocal, bass) and Mirko Cirrone (vocal, guitar) and Ferdinando Piccoli (drums). They compose catchy poprock melodies with a sound that sometimes nods to the seventies but remains firmly implanted in today. It comes as something of a shock to find that the band actually comes from Sicily. That said, they have packed up their bags and headed out to England and USA, the sound of the sunshine of their home island is mixed together with the genuine rock from Liverpool and New York. this combination creates an unique example of originality, along with a mixture of inspirational sources.
The album was recorded in Italy and mixed in Los Angeles by producer Todd Burke who has successfully given the album the right energy and tension (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, the Kooks, The Fratellis, No Doubt, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Air, Belle & Sebastians just to name a few) contains 13 eclectic songs, from ballads to uptempo rock and from soft acoustic to introspective moods. Every song is strong enough to stand on its own. Tight harmonies, breathy cool vocals, powerful guitar sections, a fine example of songwriting.
Immediately, upon hearing the album for the first time, you will find that there are many main tunes and the mood of the album is sunny, optimistic and always sincere. "Here Is My Song" opens the album, which is a fresh sunny ballad with a swingy feel that leaves a smile and a warm, summer-wind sensation on your face.  The hilarious and rock'n'roll style of “Uplands Park Road”, the album title track, is an ironic autobiographic picture of the band living in London, trying to get into the hall of fame without having any money in their pockets. The mood changes with the introspective and beating “I Still Remember”, a guitar is playing in a minor chord and suddenly the song breaks into a thumping and rocky chorus that is reminiscent of “London Calling” by the Clash. The epic enthralling and involving “Brand New Life”, the longest track of the album (almost six minutes), is a kind of mini-suite with differing moods and parts with a seventies groove, a fine combination of lyrics and music. In complete contrast, the vortex sound of “You're Not Alone” underlines the versatility of the band. The last song of the album, the delicate and deep soft acoustic ballad “In The Sun” leaves the listener with the desire to put the record on, over and over again. 

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  • Tracklist:

01. Here Is My Song 04:04
02. Uplands Park Road 03:31
03. I Still Remember 04:03
04. Let The Wind Blow 04:03
05. All I Know 03:32
06. Brand New life 05:40
07. How Does It Feel 03:02
08. Your Eyes Are Wide Open 03:18
09. Just Tell Me 02:39
10. You're Not Alone 03:35
11. Here We Will Go 03:22
12. In The Sun 03:38
13. Running Time (free) 01:08

   All tracks written and produced by: Alessandro, Bruno, Mirko Cirrone
   Mixed and Mastered at OHM Studio in Los Angeles (CA) by: Todd Burke
   Printed in Gutersloh (Germany) by: Sonopress

Alessandro Cirrone - Back Vocal, Guitar
Bruno Cirrone - Lead Vocal, Bass
Mirko Cirrone - Back Vocal, Guitar, Mandolin, Percussion
Ferdinando Piccoli - Drums

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