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The Basics - Ingredients (2013 The Three Basics)

Artist/Band: The Basics
Album:  Ingredients
Ⓟ 2012 ORiGiN Music Publishing
Label: The Three Basics
Catalog#: 78400
Release: Mar 05, 2013
Region: Melbourne, VIC

Artist Websitewww.thebasics.com
Genre: Pop, Rock
Total Time: 01:10:41

INGREDIENTS is a salutation of unsung Melbourne group The Basics featuring tunes from their four excellent albums, EP’s and singles. The generous offering of twenty songs encapsulates a band, which has not been afraid to dabble in different genres.
At heart, The Basics are a three-piece rock band. However, as their journey unfolds through song, the band effortlessly glide through a vast palate of sound. From the pop-tastic Wait For You to the rock and rollicking heights of The No 1. Cause of Death Amongst Youth Today, each twist and turn ensures that the listener is kept on their toes.
Looking Over My Should, an irresistibly catchy song is one of The Basics folk-ier moments while the most recent single, 2009’s With This Ship is a real standout proving that The Basics have continued to develop their songwriting and have exerted themselves over the journey.
The inclusion of B-sides and live recordings are generally fantastic, in particular the version of Better live at The Northcote Social club proves that The Basics are an incredibly talented live band.
With the band currently on hiatus as Gotye continues to take over the world, this presentation of The Basics career to date gives an interesting insight into a gifted group that has long flown under the radar. - David Noordhoff

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  • Tracklist:

01. Wait For You 3:35
02. Just Hold On 2:37
03. The No. 1 Cause of Death Amongst Youth Today 3:10
04. I Could Go On 3:22
05. Second Best 2:43
06. Lookin' Over My Shoulder 3:08
07. Hey C'mon! 2:38
08. With This Ship 3:22
09. I Don't Need Another 3:29
10. Hey There! 2:38
11. Rattle My Chain 3:23
12. Money (Gimme, Gimme) 2:52
13. Better 4:03
14. She's Gonna B. Late 2:14
15. Fear Of Failure 3:57
16. Home Again 3:30
17. Sound Off 2:35
18. Get Me Down 5:19
19. Keep The Door Open 6:30
20. Call It Rhythm and Blues 3:40

The Basics:
Tim Heath - Guitar, Vocals
Wally de Backer (Gotye) - Drums, Vocals
Kris Schroeder - Bass, Vocals

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