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The Kat Club! - Source Mississippi (2001 General Records)

Artist: The Kat Club
Album: House Combinations
2001 General Records
Cat. №: 645260000324

Country: US
Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock
Duration: 00:53:32

It’s more like this: If you grew up with a transistor radio under your pillow at night, listening to far away a.m. radio, hoping some station in, say, Little Rock, would play a record that you hadn’t heard yet, and then you finally got an electric guitar one Christmas, played in a band, wrote songs, devoted your life to your music and your band, lived through the British Invasion, jazz rock, glam, southern rock, Memphis soul, disco, funk, blues, boogie, thirteen or fourteen other blues-styles offshoots, new-wave, techno, Chicago soul, Americana, and countless other genres, trends and styles (some fondly recalled, some best forgotten), got chewed up and spit out by the music business and you still got excited by the prospect of drawing inspiration from your musical memory and heritage to create new sounds, and now, maybe for the first time, you’re recording just because you want to hear what it sounds like… well, you might make an album like this.
To my ears the influences of so many strains of popular music have been assimilated fully, so they come out as a mature, original sound. Simultaneously respecting the sources, while creating something fresh.
Thirty years lead to fifteen tracks. There’s the Big Beat of “World We Live In,” the inspired stories of “Great Relationship,” and “Highway 81,” and soulful ballads like “Big Bad Love,” and “True and Trusted.”

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  • Tracklisr:

01. World We Live In 03:11
02. The Wrong End 02:49
03. Big Bad Love 04:01
04. Great Relationship 03:32
05. Driven By Fear 03:03
06. All The Same To Me 04:14
07. Save Sex 02:09
08. Gotta Go 02:22
09. True And Trusted 04:56
10. Before I Lose 02:40
11. Siobhan 04:44
12. Show A Little Emotion 02:54
13. Time! 02:43
14. Wrong End Reprise 00:41
15. Highway 81 09:25

Dennis Peters - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Al Galles - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Freddy G Moore - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

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