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The Kat Club! - House Combinations (1997 General Records)

Artist: The Kat Club
Album: House Combinations
1997 General Records
Cat. №: 645260000126

Recorded & mixed at Kat Club Ranch Studio
by DJ Peters in 1997 for General Records
Country: US
Genre: Rock, Pop-Rock
Duration: 01:01:28

House Combinations, the Kat Club’s first release on General Records, takes me back, brings me forward, knocks me to my knees, and just when I think I've figured it out, it throws me over its shoulder and burps me like a baby! It may well be the first neo-pop/R&B classic, on the cusp of the millennium, or it might be impossible to define...and that's fine too.
The Kat Club consists of three people, two are living and one is dead. And as you know - Kats do have nine lives...the currently living members are Freddy Moore: writing, vocals, guitar and stringed instruments; Dennis J. Peters: production, bass guitar, vocals, harmonica, piano, and drums. The dead guy is Allen J. Galles: drums, vocals, and organ (donor?). So if you do not believe in ghosts now, you soon will. From the glowing pop guitar harmonies of "talk of the town" (Its Not A Rumour), to the downtown street corner "do-wop" a Capella + harmonica of Al’s End (more please), you are transported through a virtual history lesson in Americana.

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  • Tracklisr:

01. It's Not A Rumour 04:00
02. California Here I Come 04:31
03. You Want It All 03:55
04. Me A Man 04:06
05. God Is (My Tool) 04:11
06. Together Like This 03:32
07. Donna Reed 02:55
08. Midnight Motel 03:15
09. Advice 04:14
10. Little Darlin' 0342
11. Hit Me! 02:46
12. I'm Still Hangin' 03:51
13. New Cage 03:15
14. The Winter's Tale 03:43
15. Africentricity 05:37
16. Danitra 03:49
17. Al's End 00:22

Dennis Peters - Bass Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Al Galles - Drums, Vocals, Keyboards
Freddy G Moore - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards

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