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The Williams Brothers - Andy & David (Compilation 2002)

Artist/Band: The Williams Brothers
Album: Andy & David

The Unreleased 1974 Album featuring
What's Your Name and Say It Again

Label: Varese Vintage / Varese
Catalog#: 066350
Release: June 4, 2002
Genre: Pop/Rock, Bubblegum
Duration: 00:34:26

The waning days of the Watergate scandal were good times for barely teen idols, and the Williams Brothers -- Andy Williams and David Williams, nephews of Andy Williams -- were one of several such acts who briefly flitted across the pop radar. Actually, they had very little chart success, despite a spurt of media attention. This CD actually does not cover everything from their early career; prior to the 1973-1974 recordings for Andy Williams' Barnaby label on this disc, the twins had done some recording for Kapp. Four of these 13 tracks came out on singles, with their update of Don & Juan's doo wop hit, "What's Your Name," charting -- just barely -- at number 92. The remainder of these cuts were previously unreleased, so what you have is the album that could have come out had Barnaby gone ahead with an LP for the boys at the time. Is it worth a CD issue, complete with historical liner notes with glib comments from the brothers? Not really. It's dull, slickly produced, about-to-enter-the-mid-'70s middle-of-the-road pop/rock, though the brothers were better singers than many young teen idols of the era. Several of the unreleased songs are flat updates of oldies like "It Hurts to Be in Love," "This Diamond Ring," "Cathy's Clown," and "Hello Mary Lou." Michael Lloyd obsessives (there are a few) might be interested by the presence of a couple of tunes Lloyd wrote and arranged, but this archive dig was pretty unnecessary. - Richie Unterberger

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  • Tracklist:

01. Sha-La-La 02:54
02. What's Your Name 02:29
03. It Hurts to Be in Love 02:31
04. This Diamond Ring 02:17
05. Roll River 02:32
06. Let Me Love You 03:09
07. Cathy's Clown 02:20
08. Hello Mary Lou 02:25
09. Secretly 02:36
10. Say It Again 02:41
11. Why Don't They Understand 02:31
12. Every Other Sunday 02:48
13. I Don't Know How Say Goodbye 03:13

James Burton, Dean Parks - Guitar
Alan Estes - Percussion
John Guerin - Drums
Jim Haas, Tom Bahler - Vocals (Background)
Dick Hyde, Carol Kaye, Chuck Findley - Bass
Gayle Levant - Harp
Michael Lloyd - Piano, Vocals (Background)
Lew McCreary, Ollie Mitchell - Brass
Marty Paich - Orchestration
The Williams Brothers - Primary Artist

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