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Robert Lamm - Listen… The Songs Of Robert Lamm 1969-2007 (2007) 

Artist: Chicago / Robert Lamm
Title: The Songs Of Robert Lamm
(Outstanding Promo-Only 2CD Retrospective)
LabelWarner/Chappell Music
Catalogue#: RA-00702
Country of Origin: USA
Release: 2007
Genre: Rock, Jazz rock, Pop
Duration: 02:24:28

45 years after Chicago Transit Authority’s first album, it’s all too easy to remember Chicago now as a middle-of-the-road radio act. Hardly the case. Along with Al Kooper’s Blood, Sweat & Tears, Chicago trail-blazed the fusion of horns and rock and, along the way, created some first-rate combinations of harmony and composition, jazz and pop, and memorable rock and roll. My own favorite is still Chicago VII, filled with the glorious harmonies of The Beach Boys. You probably have your own, even if you no longer own any of their albums. Robert Lamm was one of the band’s chief songwriters and this promo-only, never-sold-in-stores collection is a righteous gathering of Lamm’s glory years with Chicago and his solo work (not to mention a nod to the highly underrated Beckley-Lamm-Wilson). For fanatics, this set boasts plenty of rare radio edits, a few unreleased tracks and even some special edits by Lamm exclusive to this compilation. Listen to one of those below, 1974's “Life Saver,” which stylistically echoes the late, great Carl Wilson. You don’t have to be a fan of Chicago to appreciate Lamm’s work, but those that do will surely dig this rare retrospective. If this one is like other Warner/Chappell publishing promos, it was likely limited to 2,500 copies. We couldn’t even find a hard copy at Amazon, so those that got ‘em must be hanging on to them.

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 CD 1    Chicago
01. Beginnings (Single Edit) (2:49)
02. Listen (3:22)
03. 25 Or 6 To 4 (Single Edit) (2:53)
04. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Radio Edit) (2:53)
05. Free (Single Edit) (2:16)
06. Questions 67 and 68 (Single Edit) (3:26)
07. At The Sunrise (2:46)
08. Mother (4:28)
09. Saturday In The Park (3:52)
10. All Is Well (3:45)
11. Dialogue Part I & II (Single Edit) (5:00)
12. Hollywood (3:52)
13. Life Saver (Special Edit By Robert Lamm) (3:43)
14. Harry Truman (3:00)
15. Never Been In Love Before (4:08)
16. Another Rainy Day In NYC (2:59)
17. Love Was New (3:29)
18. We Can Stop The Hurtin‘ (4:11)
19. Here With Me (Candle In The Dark) (Previously Unreleased) (4:09)
20. Back To You (3:39)
21. 90 Degrees And Freezing (3:53)
22. Get Away (Special Edit By Robert Lamm) (1:32)
 CD 2    Robert Lamm
01. The Mystery Of Moonlight (4:23)
02. Somewhere Girl (4:44)
03. Another Sunday (3:57)
04. I Could Tell You Secrets (4:19)
05. It’s A Grove This Life (5:02)
06. Feel The Spirit (Beckley-Lamm-Wilson) (5:06)
07. The Heart Of Me (with Chris Botti) (4:55)
08. The Love Of My Life (3:28)
09. Sad Old House (3:37)
10. Swept Away (with Phoebe Snow) (4:16)
11. If Everybody Knows (4:22)
12. My Neighborhood (Version B) (4:17)
13. When The Rain Becomes (5:07)
14. Can’t Believe My Eyes (4:50)
15. Skinny Boy (4:30)
16. Love Song (3:12)
17. One Step Forward (3:10)
18. Heaven In My Eyes (Unreleased Demo) (3:51)
19. Where You Think You’re Goin‘? (Public Service Announcement) (1:15)

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