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Aidan Nolan - Tales from the Sun (1974 Copperfield Records) 

Artist: Aidan Nolan
Album: Tales from the Sun
Label: Copperfield Records
Manufactered & Distributed by
WEA Records Pty. Limited

Catalog#: CF-30003
Released: 1974
Country: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Genre: Rock: Classic Rock
Duration: 00:36:25

Tales from the Sun is a coherent and well-conceived album. At the time of its first release it was never widely distributed and undeservedly fell through the cracks. As such it has never really gained the attention that it deserves. It is great to see it available now. Fans of Australian music who perhaps may not know it should give it serious attention. It encapsulates a great time both in music and lifestyle. Aidan’s rich and strong voice addresses the dreams and frustrations of this time and place with poignancy and passion, yet the music is still fresh and the issues still all too relevant. Like a good bottle of wine, the music has quietly matured in the analog grooves of the original album and now, decanted into a fresh digital container, it springs forth again even more enticing than before. All the tracks are good listening but I have to say my favorite is Sweet Soft Summer Sound which washes over the listener like the glistening surf on a good day at Palm Beach.

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  Side One:
A1. Spaceman 03:59
A2. One Out On A Limb 02:24
A3. Till I Get Me Some Money 04:14
A4. Thursday 02:48
A5. Wastin' My Time 02:57
A6. Melanie Moonbeam 03:32
 • Side Two:
B1. Can't Go On Like This 03:10
B2. Rock You 02:44
B3. Laughing 01:44
B4. Sweet Soft Summer Sound 03:02
B5. Q 02:59
B6. Down Again 02:45

Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitars - Aidan Aolan
Piano -
John A. Bird, Tony Ansell and John J Francis
Electric Guitar -
Ross Ward
Bass -
Roy Giles
Drums -
Doug Gallacher and George Ambrosio
Flute -
Allan Luchetti
Percussion -
Doug Gallacher and John J Francis

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