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Arthur Gee - Arthur Gee (1971) 

Artist: Arthur Gee
Album: Arthur Gee
Label: Tumbleweed Records Inc.
Catalog#: TWS 101
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1971
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock, Country Rock
Duration: 00:40:07

Arthur Gee by all outward appearances was the archetypal hippie troubadour. Emigrating from Canada to the easy living of Denver, Colorado sometime in the early-70s, he came to the attention of Robb Kunkel, Larry Ray and producer Bill Szymczyk who collectively founded the short-lived Tumbleweed Records, a label with "attractive sound -- flawless yet organic, reflecting the overall good vibes" of the times. In reality, Tumbleweed was more an excessive horn of plenty for creating music than a record label proper, having issued only a handful of albums in its brief lifetime, Gee's being the first release. Despite excessive amounts of money spent on drug consumption (at the unwitting expense of its parent company ABC-Dunhill), Tumbleweed additionally sank an equally appreciable amount into its recording facilities in order to construct the highest quality in sound and production. And this is one of the primary reasons why I still find 'City Cowboy' to be a satisfying listen even today. Although both the Arthur Gee and Arthur Gee-Whizz Band records were produced by band member Marcus Damerst, the expertise of Szymczyk's hand (who ironically went on to work with the insufferable and previously mentioned Eagles of all people) is nevertheless evident throughout. The excellent website Acid Archives describes the sound this way, "upscale, intricate production typical of the label, with Arthur's atmospheric voice given an appropriate context that involves a full folk-rock setting plus bells, violin and even Jew's harp. It's all quite appealing and held together by expensive and elaborate arrangements."

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  Side One:
A1. Dimensions 03:11
A2. Plain Talk 05:01
A3. Cotton Suede 04:44
A4. Love Song 451 02:49
A5. A.L.F.A.L.F.A. 04:29
 • Side Two:
B1. Country Fable 01:28
B2. Waterwieght 05:00
B3. Love Song 03:43
B4. Confessions 06:22
B5. Dawn Of Time 03:20

Bill Alexander - Celeste, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Synthesizer
Clyde Alexander - Percussion
Bob Allison, Donnie Krynovich, Rex Williams - Vocals
Marcus Damerst - Celeste, Engineer, Guitars, Percussion, Synthesizer, Vocals
Arthur Gee - Composer, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Doug Gunn, Don Riggs - Drums
Richard Hathaway - Drums, Guitar (Bass), Percussion, Piano, Vocals
Steve VanGelder - Violin
Snazz Wall - Guitar (Steel)
David Williams - Brass, Flute, Recorder

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