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Gary Kemp - Life as I Know It (2011)

Artist: Gary Kemp
Album: Life as I Know It
Label: G.E.K. Music Studios / CD Baby
Copyright: ℗ 2011 Gary Kemp
Original Release: 16 Sep 2011
Country: UK
Genre: Pop Rock, Soft-Rock
Duration: 00:40:33

Gary James Kemp (son of Frank Gus Kemp and Eileen Hilda Green) was born 16 Oct 1959 in St. Barts Hosp. Lodon. It is the older of two brothers. Together with his brother, Martin Kemp and three more friends from school, founded Spandau Ballet.  Spandau Ballet was one of the most influential bands of the 80s, with 25 million albums sold worldwide and four albums on the list of top-sellers of the UK. They separated in 1990 after his sixth album. 
In 2009 they reunited for a new album and world tour ended in June 2010 with great success.  In the interval from the band Gary worked for other artists, he composed a musical and edit an album 'Little Bruises' whose song' An inexperience man "is the best known.  In his personal life has been married twice (Sadie Frost, ex-wife of Jude Law and also with Lauren Barber). He has three children, one of his first marriage and two from the second.  In 2009 he published his first book "From Soho to Spandau" and is currently working with on television and radio.

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01. Broken Someone 05:03
02. Chances 03:45
03. Set Me Free 04:51
04. Time Passes By 03:21
05. When 04:34
06. Life as I Know It 04:24
07. Who we Are 03:02
08. Make Up Your Mind 03:56
09. Homeless 04:26
10. Need Your Love 03:11

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