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Marshall Tucker Band - Still Smokin' (1992) 

Artist: Marshall Tucker Band
Album: Still Smokin'
Label: Beyond/Ramblin' Records
Catalog#: 398 578 236-2
Release Date 1992
Country: US
Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Boogie Rock, Southern Rock
Format: FLAC (track+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:37:42

Released in 1992, Still Smokin was the first of two CDs the band released on the Cabin Fever music label, and it marked the first time that Cabin Fever ventured into the music industry. Previously they were known for their video tape releases, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tribute Tour and the 500 Home Run Club. The CD has been reissued by Doug's label, Ramblin Records.
The CD opens with "Frontline," an upbeat tune with a catchy Rusty Milner guitar riff, followed by Jerrry Eubank's searing sax. With Don Cameron's piano, Milner's guitar, and Eubank's sax, this song is a classic Marshall Tucker tribute to those willing to take a stand, on the frontline. The second cut, "Two Hearts Falling" is a poignant love song written by Tim Lawter and Doug Gray.
"Tan Yard" is an upbeat romp about "a dirt road where people seldom go" and of "stories left untold." In the promotional single released by the band, Doug reminisces about the road back home in Spartanburg that inspired the song. Jerry plays a haunting flute and Stuart grooves down the road with his slide guitar. Ace Allen's drums and Rusty's guitar are at their best. The band also created a video for the documentary, "Then and Now".
"Full Moon Rising" is a bluesy jaunt about lost love, with Jerry's sax, a horn section, and Cameron's keyboard. This song takes a journey back to the days of big band, when swing was king.
"Carolina Party" features the band at its raucous best and kicks off with a groovy bass line provided by Tim, followed closely with a rip-roaring horn section that makes you want to get up and dance. Stuart solos on slide, Don plays the organ and Jerry is at his saxiest best.
"I Love You" slows the pace on Still Smokin. As a tender ballad, this song begins with simple acoustic guitars and builds to a crescendo with piano, electric guitar, and Doug Gray at his soulful best. Interestingly, this song was written by Gray, Milner, and the late Tommy Caldwell.
Countering "I Love You" is a Gray/Milner arrangement, "Can't Take It Anymore." It seeths with frustration and boogies with the blues. Eubanks' groovin' sax, Gray's searing vocals, along with Milner's bluesy guitar make this one of the highlights of the release.
"Driving You Out Of My Mind" is a forlorn country tune with a steel guitar that winds down the highway as its lost lover reminisces about a romance that is no more. Released both as a single and a video to country music formats, CMT gave the video considerable air time and re-introduced a generation of fans to the Marshall Tucker Band.
Without a doubt, "Southern Spirit " is a classic Tucker tune. Relentless from its beginning, "Southern Spirit" jumps in your face with Cameron's rising organ and Stuart's funky slide guitar. A classic piano solo by Don will get you on your feet instantly. The song asks the question "people can you feel it shakin up the floor" and goes on to say that "your whole world will be rockin' when that southern spirit comes to town". Anyone who knows the band realizes this is an understatement.
The CD concludes with the bluesy and soulful "Let Me Come Home." It's obvious Doug loves to wrap his vocals around a slow blues tune such as this. Jerry and Rusty trade off smoky solos as Don tickles the keyboards, and David's brush on the drums adds just the perfect touch. This album is definitive Marshall Tucker. The new generation of players carries on the Southern Spirit with integrity and pride and proves that after all these years the band is Still Smokin. Doug and Jerry should be proud! - Craig Cumberland

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01. Frontline (Don Cameron/Rusty Milner) - 04:04
02. Two Hearts Fallen (Tim Lawter/Doug Gray) - 03:32
03. Tan Yard Road (Rusty Milner/Jerry Eubanks) - 04:09
04. Full Moon Rising (Nich Pugliese) - 03:11
05. Carolina Party (Doug Gray/Rusty Milner) - 02:54
06. I Love You (Doug Gray/Rusty Milner/Tommy Caldwell) - 04:07
07. Can't Take It Anymore (Doug Gray/Rusty Milner) - 04:42
08. Driving You Out of My Mind (Tim Lawter) - 04:06
09. Southern Spirit (Don Cameron) - 03:48
10. Let Me Come Home (Rusty Milner) - 03:09

   Richard B. Allen - Art Direction
   Brian Gerstner - Assistant Engineer
   D. Hall - Art Direction, Producer, Production Art
   D.R. Goff - Photography 

David "Ace" Allen - Drums
Cynthia Blair - Back Vocals
John David Call - Guitar (Steel)
Donald Cameron - Keyboards, Back Vocals
Jeff Ciampa - Bass
Jerry Eubanks - Flute, Producer, Saxophone, Back Vocals
Donal Gray, Doug Gray - Vocals
Tim Lawter - Bass, Back Vocals
Rusty Milner - Guitar, Back Vocals
Stuart Swanlund - Guitars, Back Vocals

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