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Ghostriders - Baptism Of Fire 1983 (2009 Signalen) 

Artist: Ghostriders
Album: Baptism Of Fire
Label: RCA/Signalen
Catalog#: SIG0901
Released: 2009 CD
Country: Norway
Genre: Rock, Garage Rock
Duration: 00:39:32

Rock band from Halden, started in June 1982 by vocalist Morten Milde and guitarists Call Storm Andersen and Stein Ramberg. They were three buddies who had played together before. All three were in varying degrees in FrontPage and Ramberg and Andersen was in The Young Lords / Saturday Cowboys.
As with FrontPage acted also in the dense and hard rock'n'roll, but with a more doom-like feel, both musically and image-wise. When the album debuted, it was with help from Bjorn "Julia" Juliusson on drums and Ulf Richter Svendsen on bass, also these old acquaintances, from respectively. Young Lords / Saturday Cowboys and FrontPage.
The Ghostriders kept going until well into the 80th century, and many other haldensere and other stopped the band, Steinar Karlsen and Chris Nielsen (both ex FrontPage), Arthur Holoien, Geir Sundstol, Geir Johansen and Mark Linge.
Andersen started his own parallel The Last Detail, where he was responsible for vocal work. Only towards the end of the 90s, this would leave the document on CD: album Passing Windows, where both "Julia" and Holoien were key partners. Ramberg visited Backstreet Girls, Casino Steel's band and The Contenders. Mild is parallel to the music made its mark in Ostfold area as an actor.

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01. Don't Let The Flowers Down 02:53
02. In My Room 03:18
03. Old Folks 03:14
04. Love You When You're Dead 03:48
05. Train Train Train 02:50
06. Born Old And Forever Young 01:59
07. Whore 04:03
08. Heartbreak Hotel 04:42
09. Fast Side Of Life 03:26
10. Love Is All Around 04:11
11. I Came, I Saw, I Left 02:16
12. Rockin' In The Graveyard 02:56

Call Storm Andersen - Guitar
Stein Ramberg - Guitar
Ulf Richter Svendsen - Bass
Geir Johansen, Bjorn Juliusson - Drums
Morten Milde - Vocals
Markus Linge - Guitar

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