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Dave Walker - Walking Underwater (2007 Iron Horse Records) 

Artist: Dave Walker
Album: Walking Underwater
Label: Iron Horse Records
Catalog#: 70021
Release Date: 2007
Country: UK
Genre: Pop/Rock, Blues Rock
Duration: 00:44:41

Not just anyone can say he opened for the Beatles before they were famous, but Dave Walker can. The veteran British guitarist and singer (of Virginia City) and many of his fellow musicians were drawn to American blues music for its authenticity and focus on the poor working class. Soon after his teen band days, "The Voice" hit the road. He did stints with many groups, notably as lead singer for Savoy Brown, and most recently with his own Dave Walker Band. This new effort, "Walking Underwater," distills that vast experience and seasoned delivery into a great collection of original blues tunes recorded with some of Bozeman's finest musicians.
Walker romps through up-tempo jammers and sentimental tearjerkers with Mike Gillan, drums, Craig Hall, bass, and Sheamus Conley and Jim Lewis on lead guitars. Robert Britten provides piano, guitars and organ, and co-wrote some of the songs. William O'Keeffe contributed lyrics.
Late nights, bars, phone calls and cars provide the backdrop. Driving guitars and percussion deliver the ambience, as Walker powers his way through stories of love-struck romance and heartache. His warbly mid-range fuels the bittersweet "I Can Make It on My Own," with its Lyle Lovett sensibility (or maybe that's where Lyle gets it). Sweet piano introduces the apprehensive title tune, "Walking Underwater."
"Weep No More" might be my favorite. If you're a sucker for slow-motion blues tunes full of spooky minor seventh chords and wailing guitar leads, add in Walker's fine vocals and you get pretty close to perfect. Then it's back up to boogie tempo on "Black Steel Blues," about a man doing time while his wife is doing God-knows-what. The country-laced "Blues from the Bottom" boasts novel chord progressions, a slithery guitar break, and an oddly satisfying piano ending, and the last number, "Hard Headed Woman," is a good dancer with pounds of reverb and amped-up guitars. Terrific production and cool fadeouts on lots of tunes make this a great addition to any blues lover's shelf. — Mariss McTucker

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01. Little Susie & Mr Tight 05:27
02. I Can Make It on My Own 05:33
03. Crazy Baby 02:22
04. Walking Underwater 07:05
05. Weep No More 05:21
06. Black Steel Blues 03:30
07. Blues from the Bottom 04:14
08. Girl Trouble 02:13
09. Rabbits Foot Charm 02:53
10. Hard Headed Woman 06:06

Craig Hall - Bass Guitar
Dave Walker - Arranger, Guitar, Vocals
Robert Britten - Piano, Guitars, Organ
Sheamus Conley - Lead Guitar (tracks 3,6,8,9)
Jim Lewis - Slide and Lead Guitar (tracks 1,2.4,5,7,10)
Mike Gillan - Drums
Keith Grant - Musician, Producer
Don Craine - Producer

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