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Ian McLagan - Here Comes Trouble (2006 Maniac Records) 

Artist: Ian McLagan
Album: Here Comes Trouble
Label: Maniac Records
Catalog#: 41602
Release: Nov. 14, 2006
Country: UK
Genre: Rock, Classic Rock
Duration: 01:07:07

 Ian McLagan's first solo album 'Troublemaker' got critical raves and even made the charts when it was released in 1979. This collection has been re-mastered with seven extra tracks, none of which have ever been heard before on CD. Apart from Ian McLagan: vocals, piano & Hammond B3, the band was Johnny Lee Schell: guitars and vocals, Jim Keltner: drums, and Paul Stallworth: bass.
The album is full of great songs and performances, and features the only released recording of the New Barbarians on 'Truly', a reggae favorite. Ronnie Wood & Keith Richards on guitars, Stanley Clarke on bass, Bobby Keys on Sax, and Zigaboo Modeliste on drums. And in a separate session Ringo Starr played drums on 'Hold On'. There are also four tracks from McLagan's album, 'Last Chance To Dance', 'Pictures Of Lily' from a Who Tribute disc, a reworking of 'Last Chance To Dance' with Mac's Texas Bump Band, and the complete 12 minute original take of 'Truly' with Keith and Mac's backing vocals.

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01. La De La 02:24
02. Headlines 03:00
03. Truly 05:58
04. Somebody 02:58
05. Movin' Out 03:52
06. Little Troublemaker 02:26
07. If It's Alright 02:00
08. Sign 03:24
09. Hold On 03:43
10. Mystifies Me 05:25
11. Last Chance to Dance 03:53
12. All I Want to Do 03:43
13. Big Love 03:32
14. You're My Girl 02:36
15. Pictures of Lily Ian McLagan 02:50
16. Truly Ian McLagan 11:46
17. Last Chance to Dance 03:37

Accordion – Flap Workman
Bass – Paul Stallworth, Stanley Clarke
Drums – Jim Keltner, Zigaboo Modeliste*, Ringo Starr
Engineer (Associate) – John Weaver
Guitar – Ian McLagan, Johnny Lee Schell, Keith Richards, Ron Wood
Horns – Bobby Keys, Ron Wood, Steve Madaio
Keyboards – Ian McLagan
Vocals – Ian McLagan, Jaime Segel, Johnny Lee Schell, Ron Wood

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