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The Domenic Troiano Band - Burning At the Stake (1977) 

Artist: Domenic Troiano Band
Album: Burnin' At The Stake
Label: Capitol Records
Catalog#: ST-11665
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1977
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Funk / Soul
Style: Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Funk
Duration: 00:37:38

After the Guess Who disbanded, Troiano regrouped and released a new solo album on a new label. This LP was produced by the Brecker Brothers and I use to condemn the album for its slickness and tacky production. Strip away the studio gloss, however, and you're left with a strong set of songs. It's not nearly as organic-sounding as Bush, for instance, but a performer's true talent will always shine through on an album, regardless of who's turning the knobs.
"Burnin' at the Stake" opens the album with a bang. No horns, no vocals, no B.S... just four minutes worth of virtuoso guitar playing and furious accompaniment by Dom's backing band; somehow they manage to keep up. If you play guitar, it's enough to make you put down your instrument and take up another hobby, because you know you'll never top it. The song after it, "Peace of Mind," is good, melodically reminiscent of Steely Dan. It has a sublime pre-chorus, and this alone makes it worth hearing ("Jesus once said, forgiveness is divine, if so why can't we find our way?") If I could pick just one song from this album to strip down to its base, "Savour the Flavour" would be it. I've heard the live version of it, and the track sounds better to me with a live groove as opposed to a studio-crafted feel. "Lonely Girl" is a breath of fresh air, quite possibly the best song on the album. It's a quiet, relaxing, jazz instrumental, and a song with little studio polish. Domenic's guitar playing speaks for itself on this one. Last on side one is "Willpower," another motivational Troiano song.
"Master of Concealment" is a decent-sounding tune with good lyrics and even better guitar playing. The background singers manage to sneak in at the very end of the song, but only for a short while. "I'd Rather Be Your Lover" is the song on the album that had the most potential to be a hit single. It features Domenic and Roy Kenner sharing the lead vocal, and the result is actually very, very good. "Rock and Roll Madness" is a good song with some great instrumentation from Domenic's band. The song that closes the album, "The Outer Limits of My Soul," is one of Dom's more emotional songs. The lead vocals are sung by Domenic and his then-wife, Shawne Jackson. An unforgettable keyboard line gives the song an almost eerie atmosphere. Luckily, the album ends on a strong note.

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  Side One:
A1. Burnin' At The Stake 04:12
A2. Peace Of Mind 03:36
A3. Savour The Flavour 03:38
A4. Lonely Girl 04:02
A5. Willpower 03:38
 • Side Two:
B1. Master Of Concealment 03:01
B2. I'd Rather Be Your Lover 03:32
B3. Rock & Roll Madness 04:34
B4. The Outer Limits Of Soul 06:48

     Produced by Richard Landis and Randy Brecker
     Engineered by Steve Freidman, Vicki Fabry, and Scott Powers
     Recorded at Automated Sound Studio, New York.

Backing Vocals – Allan Gorrie*, Gwen Guthrie, Hamish Stuart, Hilda Harris, Vivian Cherry
Bass, Backing Vocals – Neil Jason
Drums – Steve Ferrone
Guitar, Lead Vocals – Domenic Troiano
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Dave Tyson, Fred Mandel
Percussion – Ralph MacDonald
Saxophone [Alto] – David Sanborn
Saxophone [Baritone] – Lew Del Gatto*
Saxophone [Tenor] – Michael Brecker
Trombone – Dave Taylor*
Trumpet – Randy Brecker
Vocals – Roy Kenner, Shawne Jackson
Written-By – Domenic Troiano

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