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Av'Nir - Av'nir (1975 Trans-World) 

Artist: Av'Nir
Album: Av'Nir
Label: Trans-World Records
Catalog#: TI-6027
Format: Vinyl LP
Released: 1975
Country: QC, Canada
Genre: Rock, Prog-Rock
Duration: 00:37:10

With a line-up showcasing bassist/keyboardist Richard Boisvert, lead guitarist Yves Lauzon, drummer Daniel L' Ecuyer, and singer/guitarist Jacques Rochon, in 1975 the band scored a recording contract with the Canadian Trans World label. Teamed with producer Gilles Valiquette, their self-titled 1975 debut mapped the band into a fairly commercial power-pop niche. They were clearly a talented outfit, withRochon having a really nice voice, but judging by these ten tracks they didn't seem to have a clear idea of what musical direction they wanted to pursue. The funny thing is that virtually all of these tunes were worth hearing. Boisvert, Lauzon, and Rouson were all strong writers, each showing a knack for crafting catchy hooks. The funny thing is the band were actually at their best when playing straight-ahead rock ('Un Air Inconnu'), or diving fully into progressive mode ('Un Jour'). Whenever they tried to straddle genres the results turned bland.

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  Side One:
A1. Le Gout D'Aimer (C. Desrosliers - Yves Lauzon) - 2:26
A2. Les Nouveaux Invites (Richard Boisvert) - 3:43
A3. S'Arranger Pour Que Da Arrive (J. Laflagurais/R. Boisvert /Yves Lauzon) - 2:37
A4. Les Nuages Electriques (Richard Boisvert) - 4:17
A5. Le Malentendu (Richard Boisvert) - 7:17
 • Side Two:
B1. Un Air Inconnu (Jacques Rochon) - 2:26
B2. Les Commissaires (Jacques Rochon) - 3:43
B3. Rien N'A Change (C. Desrosliers - Yves Lauzon) - 2:27
B4. Un Jour (Richard Boisvert) - 4:17
B5. Solitaire (C. Desrosliers - Jacques Rochon) - 7:05

Jacques Rochon - Guitar, Vocals
Yves Lauzon - Lead Guitar
Richard Boisvert - Bass, Keyboards
Daniel L'Ecuyer - Drums, Percussion

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