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Cliff Edwards - Through the Years (2013) 

Artist: Cliff Edwards
Album: Through the Years
Label: CD Baby
© Copyright - Cliff Edwards (888174124087)
Release Date: 2013
Country: CANADA, Ontario
Genre: Pop/Rock, Country Folk, Easy Listening
Format: FLAC (track+.cue)
Bitrate: lossless
Duration: 00:54:58

Cliff Edwards, born in Montreal, began playing music at 16 years old with the STRATA-KATS a High School band who played for school dances, in dance halls and ski resorts north of Montreal. After graduating High School, Cliff attended Ecole Des Beaux Arts, hoping to be a Commercial Artist. Work in Eaton's Advertising Department followed, music continued on weekends, in a newly formed group the COUNTS FOUR.A music career seemed inevitable and Cliff decided to turn professional, playing clubs, dances, bars and ski resorts.A group change was made, adding two English sisters, Ann & Jacki Ralph to the band, renaming the group THE FIVE BELLS, which eventually became THE BELLS. Many hit records followed, including MOODY MANITOBA MORNING, FLY LITTLE WHITE DOVE, FLY and the million seller STAY AWHILE.Cliff left the group to pursue a career of his own, singing and writing music more suited to his folk/country roots. Five albums followed over a 15 year period, with many singles being charted on the Canadian Play list, including the hit singles: UNCLE DAD, AUNTIE MOM, CARPENTER OF WOOD, SONG FOR WENDY, WHAT'S FOREVER FOR, and SHE'S MY WOMAN, to name a few.This disc is a retrospective of Cliff's solo career, featuring songs from each of those albums.

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01. Faces 03:43
02. Uncle Dad, Auntie Mom 03:27
03. Song for Wendy 02:25
04. Carpenter of Wood 02:44
05. Catch the Dream 03:14
06. Grab the Money & Run 03:29
07. Summertime Friend of Mine 02:42
08. What's Forever For 03:37
09. This Town 03:52
10. Young & Innocent 03:15
11. Closer Than Close 03:39
12. She's My Woman 03:45
13. Just Out of Reach 04:25
14. Highway #1 04:09
15. Storm 02:50
16. In My Eyes 03:43

     A compilation of easy listening, country & folk songs
     from previous albums including
Transition (1974),
Carpenter of Wood (1974), Singer of Songs (1976),
What's Forever For (1980) and From A Quiet Room (1989) 

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  1. Первое что притягивает-это Канада!Нравятся мне ребята оттель!!!
    А второе-фраза "Easy Listening"...
    Ну и третье-это роскошный период-семидесятые и восьмидесятые годы...Это ваще прелесть!!

    1. На форуме тож есть этот альбом.
      Спасибо бразэ Камилю.