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Driftwood (Neil Harrison) - Driftwood (1970) 

Artist: Driftwood
Album: Driftwood
Label: Decca
Catalog#: SKL 5069
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: UK
Released: 1970
Genre: Pop, Rock, Soft Rock
Duration: 00:34:39

Neil Harrison if you didn't know, played John Lennon for 32 years in the Bootleg Beatles whom he now manages and are said by many to be the greatest Beatles tribute act. What is less know about Neil is that he released an album of his own material, years before in 1974 on Deram records. Here's the blurb from the LP insert, which sheds a lot of light on to what he was doing up to the point of the album's release...
Neil Harrison is a talented singer/songwriter, he writes simple and unpretentious songs and sings them in an equally honest manner. Neil was born in December 1950 in West Kirby, Cheshire. His mother is a pianist at a dancing school, his father an accountant.
His educational years were spent at St. Bede's Boarding School, Cumberland where he obtained ten 'O' Levels, three 'A' Levels and a place at Liverpool University to read zoology. University life lasted two days for Neil, he realised very quickly he was not a zoologist.
His musical talents which had become his main interest, had been born during his school days. During holiday periods he taught himself to play acoustic guitar with Bert Wheedon's "Play In A Day" guitar tutor. He began to become frustrated by trying to express himself through the only medium he knew and loved - music.
After leaving university he worked at odd jobs and at the same time developed a songwriting relationship with Neil Alford. They wrote and sang songs together in and around Liverpool. Known as "Driftwood" they produced some demo tapes which they sent round to all the major record companies. Decca stepped in and sent producer Pete Swetenham to Liverpool to see Driftwood, they were subsequently brought to London to make an album make an album which, unfortunately passed completely unnoticed by the public.   
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  Side One:
A1. I'm Leaving Today 02:07
A2. Ernest And Amelia; Don't Be Sad Today 05:04
A3. Seagull Flies / Variation 03:50
A4. She's Still Alone 02:32
A5. You Don't Need Love 03:13
 • Side Two:
B1. Somehwere Deep Inside 02:19
B2. Deborah Broughton 02:28
B3. The Wind Cries Above You 03:07
B4. Take Me With You Now 02:15
B5. Since She Came Along 03:52
B6. Paper 01:38
B7. Anna, My Love 02:08

     Producer by Pete Swettenham
     Engineer by John Punter
     Assistant Engineer: ''Honest'' John Burns*, ''Wild Man'' Stephen Brown
     Front Cover Design: David Anstey

Keyboards, Vocals – Neil Harrison
Bass – Alan Jones, Darryl Runswick
Guitar, Harmony Vocals – Nick
Guitar, Vocals – Neil Alford
Percussion (Extra) – John Punter
Honky Tonk Piano – Zack Laurence
Drums – Tony Newman

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  1. ...спасибо! ...давно этот альбом искал, жаль только что звук моно одноканальный...

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