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The Blazers - Rock And Roll - Ten Big Hits In Hi-Fidelity (1958) 

Artist: The Blazers
Title: Rock And Roll (Ten Big Hits In Hi-Fidelity)
Label: Harmony
Catalog#: HL-7103
Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1958
Genre: Rock, Rock & Roll
Duration: 00:27:37

In 1958 when a reel to reel tape was sent by Columbia to Boris Vian, A & R man for “Fontana”, any indication were given about the group members, except Frankie Tucker’s name, or the location. Those recordings were already issued in USA on Harmony, early March 1958, on “Harmony”, a budget label trying to attract young shoppers as well as adult with a cool price of $ 1.98 for a LP. Those sides may have been produced by Bob Prince, A & R man for that record label. The US LP Harmony HL 7103 was titled “Rock and Roll – Ten Big Hits in Hi-Fidelity” and carried any info or picture just like another budget label, “Somerset”. Boris Vian made the choice to make those recordings available in France on a ten inches LP titled “The Blazers – Stroll” (Fontana 662.023). A dancing couple drawing was put on the front cover to work out something even without info. It was a common practice then on “London” or “CID” products. Later a second LP Harmony HL 7126 was issued in USA under the title of “Rock and Roll Vol 2” and the reel to reel was sent in France. “Fontana” made again the choice to make it available under the same format to French customers under the banner “The Blazers – Witch Doctor” (Fontana 662.028). Still any info and a cartoon cover with a dancing couple designed by Maurice Apelbaum. Several EPs and a single were also issued in France while part of those recordings were made available in England, Mexico and Argentina (under the name of Los Harmony Blazers – Orfeon 40 004). But if all those songs had found them ways on them original version in the trade magazine charts, what about those mysterious Blazers... - www.rockandrollrevue.fr

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  Side One:
A1. Big Guitar 03:13
A2. The Stroll 02:43
A3. Short Shorts 02:51
A4. Raunchy 02:26
A5. Get A Job 03:07
 • Side Two:
B1. Walk On 02:18
B2. Don't Let Go 02:43
B3. Slow Walk 03:00
B4. 7-11 02:36
B5. Walkin With Mr. Lee 02:35

Nothing was know until some infos came in light in the 70’s, in France, after a meeting between Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Kurt Mohr, Francois Postif and Big Joe. While listening those recordings, Screamin’ Jay was straight about the work of “Doc” Bagsby, Mickey Baker and himself on the “Tequila” vocal part. A long talk between those musical wise ears brings in light the probable participation of:
Milt Hilton - Bass
Everett Barksdale - Guitar
Buddy Lucas, Sam “The Man” Taylor - Sax
Curley Hammer, Panama Francis - Drums
Margie Day - Vocals

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