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Mendelson Joe - Not Homogenized (1979 Boot Records) 

Artist: Mendelson Joe
Title: Not Homogenized
Label: Boot Records
Catalog#: BRP 2104
Country: Canada
Year of Issue: 1979
Cenre: Rock G-P Related Projects
Style: Blues Rock
Duration: 00:38:32

Born Birrell Josef Mendelson on July 30th, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Joe taught himself to play his sister’s Gibson guitar at age eleven. His musical idols were Little Richard, Jimmy Reed, Ray Charles, and Jerry Lee Lewis. In 1964, at age nineteen, Joe Mendelson became a professional singer-songwriter-musician. His debut was at The Depression coffee-house in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Four years later, he formed a bluesy rock band with Toronto guitarist Michael McKenna. They made five albums under the banner Mainline. In 1972, Joe recorded his first of many solo albums. Mr. Middle of the Road (on GRT label) was very much a solo effort, in that he played all the instruments, sang, and wrote the songs. 1975 marked the beginning of Joe’s career as a painter. He recorded two more albums, Sophisto, and a reunion LP with Mike McKenna entitled No Substitute. He also became Mendelson Joe.
From 1979 to 1981, Mendelson recorded three more albums for the Stompin' Tom - owned Canadian label Boot Records – Not Homogenized, Jack Frost, and the controversial Let’s Party. In 1984 Stony Plain Records released Some of the Best of Mendelson Joe – The Name of the Game Ain’t Schmaltz. Several of Joe’s songs have been covered by the likes of guitar-genius Amos Garrett, crooner Noel Harrison, and the characters of Sesame Street.

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  Side One:
A1. I'm Fussy 03:30
A2. Game of Love 03:31
A3. Bondage Boots 06:50
A4. Everything Is Weird 05:25
 • Side Two:
B1. Microphone 02:53
B2. Far Out to Lunch 02:07
B3. Those Who Do 05:18
B4. Hollywood Would 02:34
B5. I Blues 06:20

Joe Medelson - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Percussion
Edward William Purdy - Bass, Pianos, Organ, Clavinet, Background Vocals
Adam Mitchel - Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonicas, Background Vocals
Jorn Andersen - Backgound vocals
Susan Stone - Background vocals

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