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Eddie Mottau - No Moulding (1977) 

Artist: Eddie Mottau
Title: No Moulding
Label: Neworld Media
Catalogue: NWS 050677
Released Date: 1977
Country: USA
Genre: Pop/Rock
Duration: 00:36:58

•  Boston-born guitarist Eddie Mottau has enjoyed a five-decade career that has carried him across a dozen or more crazes, waves, and other trends in music. From a boyhood interest in folk music, he formed a team with his friend Joe Hutchinson as Two Guys from Boston, who got to record a single for Scepter Records with Paul Stookey, of Peter, Paul & Mary, as producer. The duo eventually became the psychedelic folk-rock band Bo Grumpus, who relocated to New York to be recorded by Felix Pappalardi. That group -- which for a time assumed the name Jolliver Arkansaw -- lasted until 1970.
Mottau returned to Paul Stookey's orbit, playing guitar and serving as co-producer of the latter's first post-Peter, Paul & Mary solo album, Paul And. That project led to his crossing paths with John Lennon, which resulted in his working with Lennon's live band, and to a gig playing with Lower East Side music rebel David Peel. Mottau recorded and released his first solo album, No Turning Around (MCA) -- produced by Stookey -- in 1973. And he was back working again with Lennon the following year, on Walls and Bridges, and again in 1975 on Rock 'n' Roll. Another solo album, No Moulding, followed in 1977. Mottau continues to play and record, but out of New Hampshire -- where he has lived since the 1980s -- rather than New York City. - Bruce Eder

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  Side One:
A1. Glory Of Love (Billy Hill) - 02:48
A2. I Love You (Eddie Mottau, Eddie Ryan & Jimmy Clark) - 03:09
A3. Living The Life Of Riley (Eddie Mottau & Jimmy Clark) - 03:41
A4. Empty Pockets Blues (Seeger & Hayes) - 02:45
A5. Starting From Scratch (Eddie Mottau & Walter Holt) - 03:10
A6. This Year (Eddie Mottau & Jimmy Clark) - 03:06
 • Side Two:
B1. Jazz-Bo-Brown (Adapted & Arranged by Eddie Mottau) - 03:31
B2. For You (Eddie Mottau & Eddie Ryan) - 02:34
B3. Whistle A Tune (Eddie Mottau & Eddie Ryan) - 02:34
B4. The Winner (Noel Paul Stookey) - 03:32
B5. Jesus Is On The Mainline (Adapted & Arranged by Eddie Mottau) - 02:35
B6. Morning Dancer (Jimmy Clark) - 03:38

     Produced & Engineered by Noel Stookey

Eddie Mottau - Vocals, 6 &12 Strings Guitar
Noel Paul Stookey - Producer, Melodica on A3, Back-up Vocals on B5
Eddie Ryan - Songwriting
Jimmy Clark - Bass, Harmony Vocals
Vic Hyman - Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Back-up Vocals on B5
Wayne Cadrain - Harmonica, Bells & Knees
Walter Holt - 12 Strings Guitar, Harmony Vocals on A5
Stu Davis - Assistant Engineer, Back-up Vocals on B5
Elaine Sutherland - Back-up Vocals on B5
Bob Wilson - Photograph & Art Work, Back-up Vocals on B5
Elizabeth Stookey - Back-up Vocals on B5
Anna Stookey - Back-up Vocals on B5
Kate Stookey - Back-up Vocals on B5

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