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Buzz Clifford - See Your Way Clear (1969) 

Artist: Buzz Clifford
Album: See Your Way Clear
Label: Dot Records
Catalog#: DLP 25965
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Blues Rock
Duration: 00:37:10

•  Frustrated with music, Clifford joined the National Guard. When his enlistment was up in 1964 he relocated to Los Angeles where he was hired by Hastings Music as a songwriting, placing material with the likes of Keith Barbour ('Echo Park') Petula Clark, Kris Kristofferson, and Leon Russell.
So jump ahead to 1968 when he was brought into the band Hamilton Streetcar as a replacement for guitarist Michael Georgiades. The Streetcar managed to record one interesting pop-psych LP before calling it quits at which time Clifford decided to resurrect his solo career. On the strength of his Streetcar credentials and his songwriting successes (notably Keith Babour's 1969 hit with 'Echo Park'), he was signed as a solo act by Dot (which had coincidently been Hamilton Streetcar's label),. The resulting album 1969's "See Your Way Clear" was produced by former Challengers drummer Richard Delvy (who had also produced the Hamilton Streetcar album). The collection teamed Clifford with an extensive collection of friends, including members of Colours (Jack Dalton, Robbie Edwards, and Gary Montgomery), The East Street Kids (David Doud, Mark Doud and David Potter), and Moon members David Jackson and David Marks. With Clifford responsible for penning nine of the eleven tracks, musically the album was quite diverse including stabs at country-rock ('Hollywood Joe'). pop ('(Baby I Could Be) So Good At Loving You'), and conventional rock (a toughened-up cover of Hamilton Streetcar's 'I See I Am'). As a singer Clifford didn't have the most dynamic voice you've ever heard, but his voice was versatile and made the most of his chops. - badcatrecords.com

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  Side One:
A1. Procter & Gunther 02:10
A2. I Am The River 02:47
A3. Hollywood Joe 03:12
A4. Ocean Liner 02:37
A5. Hawg Frog 04:00
A6. Angeline 01:35
 • Side Two:
B1. We'll All Get By 02:35
B2. Children Are Crying Aloud 03:03
B3. Echo Park 03:59
B4. (Baby I Could Be) So Good At Loving You 02:46
B5. I See I Am 08:18

     Produced by Richard Delvy for Robbins Productions
     A&R and Production Assistants : Buzz Clifford & Danny Moore.

Buzz Clifford (aka Reese Francis Clifford) - Vocals, Guitar
Joseph Burnett, Matt Moore, Gary Montgomery - Keyboards
Steven Bruton, Steven Bruton, Robbie Edwards, Clark Garmon, David Marks - Guitar
Mike clough - Percussion
Glenn Crocker - Organ
Jack Dalton - Concertina
David Doud - Guitar, Bass
Micahel Doud, Dave Jackson, Carl Radle - Bass
Jim Keltner, David Potter - Drums
Bernie Leadon - Dobro
Dan Mani - Keyboards, Organ
Dan Moore - Guitar, Keyboards
Kay Montgomery - Pipe Organ

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