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The Coronados - Hey, Love! (1969) 

Artist: The Coronados
Album: Hey, Love!
Label: Jubilee Records
Catalog#: JGS 8022
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1969
Genre: Rock, Pop
Duration: 00:31:41

Despite Ortiz' attempts, there is enough information available to counter the various and at times even inconsistent legends he has been spreading since the 1960s. The alleged brother-in-law Steven Coronado who played with the „Coronados“ and later the „Silverbirds“, too, was in fact Ruben's younger brother Steven Ortiz. Steven is somewhat more truthful about his family and mentions his parents' proper names as Jose Torres Ortiz and Florinda Naranjo Ortiz.
Ortiz' parents in fact were Mexican citizens living in Mexico who operated a small family circus/traveling vaudeville show, crossing the border to the USA for the season to perform in towns in Texas and New Mexico. Their competitors were another Mexican circus family by the name of Mendoza, touring the same region with a similar show.
According to Steven's report, his father went out of business and sold his circus tent which he attributes to a gasoline shortage due to World War II. Ruben's blindness indeed gets mentioned, however, Ruben was not born blind, and his blindness according to Steven's account seems to have been no more than a matter of weeks or perhaps months. There are also no indigenous healing methods mentioned; Steven Ortiz rather attributes Ruben's recovery to their mother's intense praying.
Besides performing, the younger Ortiz also mentions his father selling medical remedies to their audience. In accordance with the legend of being indigenous, he first asserts that his father never charged for the remedies, but in the following paragraph mentions that sales of these medicines went well.
Ortiz' employment with the „Indian Village Europe“ seems to have gone back to his legends about an indigenous status taken seriously by a US employee of the park responsible for hiring Native personnel for the exhibition. However, Ortiz' job was not a coordinator, but a consultant Given the ambitious aims this park had regarding a presentation of the diversity of indigenous cultures to a European audience, hiring a person for a consultant who is not Native and has no further insight into the issues will have thwarted the project considerably and contributed to cementing stereotypes with the audience rather than providing factual information.
Further claims are being provided by Amazon in the „About the Artist“ section for a CD dating back to 1992, in which Ortiz is described as a „distinguished spokesman for Native Americans“ and a „board member of the American Indian College Fund“. The AICF site does not list any person named „Silverbird“ or „Ortiz“ as a present or emeritus member of their board - however, a press article reveals how Ortiz learned about this fund and which contacts he did in fact have to its board: the fund happened to be announced in the Silverbird Restaurant in New York, as was covered by newspaper „Indian Time“, which was published in Akewsasne Mohawk Indian Territory.
A further claim published at various websites is that of Ortiz being the president of an „Annual American Indian Nations Powwow“, however, this organisation is unknown to anybody else but Ortiz and the only Google results are connected to his alias Reuben Silverbird. Ortiz also presents himself as a board member of the American Indian Museum in New York in promotional texts. The official name of this institution is „National Museum of the American Indian“, and again there is no „Silverbird“ or „Ortiz“ on its list of present or emeritus directors.
On his websites, Ortiz also contends he was „invited to speak and received plaudits from „The International Spiritualist Federation“, however, the ISF website does not mention any event including Ortiz and any sites found by Google happen to be his own and sites publishing his promotional texts.
In the same way, Ortiz – presumably on the background of a title as an alleged „UN peace ambassador“ obtained by the Unification Church – claims to be „attached to the United Nations as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation)“. It is quite evident that this status only applies to organisations, but not to individuals.

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  Side One:
A1. Hey Love - 02:32
(R. Ortiz'S. Ortiz-JR Ortiz: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. John Castellano

A2. My Melancholy Baby - 02:53
(G. Norton-E. Burnett: Shapiro Bernstein/Jerry Vogel Music ASCAP)
Arr. John Castellano

A3. Love Is Blue - 02:20
(A. Popp-P. Cour-Blackbaurn. Croma Music ASCAP)
Arr. Reuben Ortiz

A4. Legend Of The Volcanoes - 03:14
(C. Navarro-R. Ortiz-S. Ortiz: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. Reuben Ortiz

A5. Peepin' N Hidin' - 02:20
(Jimmy Reed: Conred Pub. Co. BMI)
Arr. Reuben Ortiz

A6. Good Morning New Day - 02:03
(A. King-E. Starr: Southern Music ASCAP)
Arr. Pete Dino

 • Side Two:
B1. Those Were The Days - 03:22
(P. McCartney: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. John Castellano

B2. The World Belongs To You - 02:23
(R. Ortiz-S. Ortiz-l. Taku: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. Reuben Ortiz

B3. Trip To Loveland - 02:59
(Rita Nathanson: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. Reuben Ortiz: Co-Produced by CRP & Eric Nathanson

B4. Your Love Belongs To Everyone - 02:33
(R. Ortiz-S. Ortiz: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. Reuben Ortiz

B5. My Elise - 02:27
(R. Ortiz-S. Ortiz: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. Pete Dino

B6. Not At All - 02:16
(R. Ortiz-S. OrtizJR Ortiz: SRO Music ASCAP)
Arr. John Castellano

Produced by Columbus Record Productions
Recorded at
Select Sound Studios, N.Y.C.
Eddie Youngblood
Cover Design and Photography
"The Graffiteria"
Art Supervision:
Janie Gans

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