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Claire Lawrence - Leaving You Free (1973 LP, Haida) 

Artist: Claire Lawrence
Album: Leaving You Free
Label: Haida Records
Catalog#: HL 5103
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: Canada
Released: 1973
Genre: Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock
Duration: 00:36:59

Клэр Лоуренс канадский музыкант, был одним из основателей канадской группыThe Collectors , затем Chilliwack . Он играл на клавишных, флейте , саксофоне и фортепиано, также выступал в роли вокалиста. Покинул группу в 1971 году для сотрудничества с известными канадскими исполнителями и группами, такими ,как Susan Jacks, Valdy, Shari Ulrich, Roy Forbes, UHF and Connie Kaldor.
В 1970 году он также был продюсером The Great Canadian Gold Rush для CBC Radio , которое организовал Терри Дэвид Маллиган . С 1986 по 1990, он написал музыку для канадского телесериала, The Beachcombers . Между 1991-94 годами написал музыку для CBC к фильму- драме "Northwood", снятому в Ванкувере. С 2000 по 2006 он создал Jazz Beat for для CBC Radio.

While Claire's early musical successes with acts such as The Classics, The Collectors & Chilliwack helped spread word of his talents, it was the result of working with these acts which set the stage, as it were, for his true talent: recording producer. 
His producing credits read like a 'who's-who' of the west-coast music scene, beginning in the mid 1970s. As well as releases by The Hometown Band, and his own Claire Lawrence Band LP, his work includes albums by Laila Biali, Roy Forbes, Geoff Gibbons, Connie Kaldor, Lone Star Cattle Company, Matt Minglewood, Silverlode, Stallion Thumrock, UHF, Shari Ulrich, Valdy, The Wade Brothers and Without Words, among many others. 
Claire's talents have also achieved some success in traditional media; he produced the shows 'Gold Rush' and 'Jazz Beat' for CBC Radio, scored music for the first two seasons of the TV show 'Cold Squad', plus composed the theme for Bruno Gerussi's popular program 'The Beachcombers'. - RYM

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  Side One:
A1. Hungry For The Good 03:03
A2. Leaving You Free 02:58
A3. Village In The Green 09:18
A4. Long Long Time 03:40
 • Side Two:
B1. Country Mover 04:30
B2. Rain, Trane And Afterwards 13:06

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