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Charlie Ainley - Bang Your Door (1978) 

Artist: Charlie Ainley
Album: Bang Your Door
Label: Nemperor Records
Catalog#: JZ 35648
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1978
Genre: Pop Rock, Classic Rock
Duration: 00:34:42

Entendres don't come much more double than "Oh, baby, let me bang your door," and Charlie Ainley sounds appropriately urgent on the title track to this album. Elsewhere, he calms down a bit, but on the whole, this is a collection of tuneful rock in a relatively unadorned, neo-'50s style. It's not particularly distinctive, however, and that may be why it went unnoticed when it was released at the height of the new wave craze. - William Ruhlmann

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  Side One:
A1. Bang Your Door 03:05
A2. Angry 03:28
A3. Try To Be A Good One 04:15
A4. Pig Farm Blues 02:50
A5. I Don't Need No Doctor 04:00
 • Side Two:
B1. Deed I Do 03:15
B2. New York, New York 03:41
B3. Heat Of The Night 03:18
B4. The Whistler 03:55
B5. R.U.I 03:05

     Produced by Tony Ashton for G&A (Music) Inc.
     Recorded at Ramport Studios, August 1978.
     Engineered by Bob Potter.
     Assistant engineer: Neil Hornby.
     Mastered at Trident Studios by Ray Staff.
     Mastered for the USA at CBS Studios, New York by Vladimir Meller. 

Charlie Ainley - vocals
Richard Worthy - guitar on 1-8,10
Chas Hodges - acoustic guitar on 9; bass on 1-8,10; back vocals on 3,6
Stuart Elliott - drums, percussion
Pete Wingfield - keyboards, piano, organ
The Misdemeanors - back vocals on 1,2,5,7
Richard Worthy - bass on 9
Tony Ashton - organ on 3; tubular bells on 9
Howie Casey - brass on 1,6,8
Martin Frith - brass on 6,8

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